Thursday, December 3

Comforted By Her Dead Father's Kiss

LIfe after death

An interesting little story I came across recently.

My Dad was in a care home, close to death. I was looking after my Mum, who was in her late 90s, so I took her home and I fell asleep on the sofa.

I was awoken by a sweet kiss behind my ear and immediately looked at the clock. It was 2.30 pm.

Not long after that, the care home phoned to tell me Dad had passed away at 2.30 pm. I didn't need anyone to tell me that kiss had come from my Dad.

Later on, in a dream, I saw Dad in his den looking at his bookshelf. I called out. "Dad!" and he looked at me. I woke up euphoric.

I went to my parents' now empty house, and had a look at the shelf my dad had been looking at. There was only a dusty old book that didn't look interesting. But when I picked it up, I found it contained my paternal grandfather's journal of his days as a Fleet Street editor, and all the famous people he had met - like Emily Pankhurst, Scott of the Antarctic and so on.

What a find!

~ Valerie

Source: Daily Mail 28/11/15

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