Wednesday, December 30

Are These Comforting Messages From Dead Loved Ones?

Light beyond brilliance

Messages from the dead, can this in any way be possible? Many thinks so though, in fairness, many completely disagree. Here are a couple of examples, can they possibly be messages from beyond the grave?

My late grandfather was such a lovely, gentle, kind man.

When he passed on in 1991, I was devastated. For some inexplicable reason I instinctively switched on every light in the house for the first few nights afterwards.

One night, while sitting by the fire, I glanced up and there in front of me was the impression of light - the brilliance way beyond any word I can speak or write.

I immediately thought: "Grandad!" And then it was gone. Without even thinking I switched off all the 'extra' lights and felt the most amazing feeling of peace.

~ Annette Borril

My husband, Wyn, died on July 5, ten weeks short of our golden wedding anniversary. On returning home late one morning, I found a message had been left on my answer phone. The message was very short, it said: "How are you?" The voice was my dead husband's.

The message is still saved on the answer phone, and friends and colleagues of my husband's confirmed - without me prompting - that it is his voice.

~ Jackie Roberts

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  1. I think many people do find it indeed comforting to perceive certain events as messages from loved ones. And why not? Seems to be of no harm.

    1. Having, what I perceived to be, 'messages' in the form of white feathers from loved ones, I know how such things do give comfort and hope. As you say, it does no harm.

  2. Consciousness doesn't die and I think our loved ones communicate with us in any way they can once they have passed.

    1. Thanks. I knew you would say that Trish :-)

  3. Ha! You know me well, Mike! Happy 2016 to you!

    1. Thanks Trish. Happy New Year!
      P.S. I think you are right.