Sunday, January 10

The Run Of Coincidences Between Friends

Coincidence of friends

Today a story of several small coincidences between two friends - thanks to Angie for this.

School days clip artThese are coincidences about me and my mate Bec, which I think are pretty funny.

We are 19 now and met when we were nine at the local swimming pool. Three years later we started at the same High School together. We weren't especially close but were friendly.

After completing High School I was interested in websites and heard about a course which interested me. I had an interview and was accepted. Who was also on the course? Bec! I bumped into her when we were put into the same class.

Two months later I sent her a text to say I had completed another milestone in my life by buying my first car. She sent a text back saying she had bought her first car that day as well!

green car clip artA further month later I mentioned to her that I was nervous as I had booked my Hazards (the written part of the driving licence test) for the coming Friday. Low and behold, so had she!

After the test I phoned her to see how she had got on and, yes, we had both got the same result - 67%!

I think it's funny or odd at the very least

- Angie.

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  1. These two friends are on parallel tracks!