Tuesday, March 8

The Footballer's Curse: He Scores A Goal And Someone Dies

Aaron Ramsey Arsenal footballer

Here's a set of coincidences - not to be taken too seriously!

Celebrities, and the well known are said to be in fear when the footballer (soccer) Aaron Ramsey scores a goal for his English club Arsenal. It seems that when he puts the ball in the back of the net a celebrity dies - it's the curse of Aaron Ramsey!

Here's a few examples

20/10/08 v Fenerbahce (date of goal scored)
David Lloyd Meredith died: 20/10/2008

22/08/2009 v Portsmouth
Ted Kennedy died 25/08/2009

01/05/2011 v Manchester United
Osama Bin Laden died 02/05/2011

02/10/2011 v Tottenham
Steve Jobs died 05/10/2011

19/10/2011 v Marseille
Colonel Gaddafi died 20/10/2011

30/11/2013 v Cardiff
Paul Walker died 30/11/2013

10/08/2014 v Manchester City
Robin Williams died 11/08/2014

09/01/2016 v Sunderland
David Bowie died 10/01/2016

13/01/2016 v Liverpool
Alan Rickman died 14/01/2016

05/03/2016 v Tottenham
Nancy Reagan died 06/03/2016

A scary thought - when you consider this footballer's deadly toll!

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