Tuesday, April 26

He Shared An Out Of Body Experience With His Wife - And Saved Her From Choking

Out of body experience

Following on from yesterday's post, Readers Out Of Body Experiences, here's another example OBE from Henry Pierce.

I had an out-of-body experience. In my case it occurred during a period of normal health.

What made the experience outstanding is the fact that it was shared by my wife. She, too, had the impression that I had been out of my body, and she was able to describe what happened before I had even hinted that I had been having anything resembling an out-of-body-experience.

I had been in bed for perhaps an hour when it happened. The thing I remember most clearly is the feeling that I was re-entering my body after a period of having been separated from it.

I was unable to recall all the details of what had happened while I was 'out', but one thing was particularly striking was that my wife had been in some danger during this period and that, in this out-of-body condition, I had intervened to help her.

I would have dismissed the experience as an illusion were it not for the fact that, when I asked my wife what had happened at that moment, she independently verified the details of my own experience.

It should be re-emphasised that I was careful not to tell her I had been undergoing anything like an out-of-body-experience until after she had given me her account.

She had been lying in bed, she said, and had suddenly started to choke, although she didn't know why, She was terrified, she said. She was unable to cry out. At that point, she said, she thought she saw me leave my body, take a position near her head, and in some way relieve the choking. "It seemed as if you used a force from your mind to stop it," she said.

Her statement coincided with my own impressions. There was nothing in her account that didn't fit in with what I was able to recall of the event.

It may be significant in this regard that when I asked my wife what 'I' looked like when apart from my body, she said she could best compare it to a field of energy. Metaphorically, she said, it might be likened to a sphere of light, although she emphasised that the comparison was only approximate. There are no words to describe it precisely, she said.

The experience has led me to keep an open mind to the possibility that there may be a good deal more to the mind than can be encompassed by our present theoretical models. I offer no speculation or interpretation beyond that.

~ Henry Pierce

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  1. Wow! What a dramatic story!

  2. When I started reading this I had a tickle in my throat and started coughing. By the time I'd finished reading it my tickle was gone.