Thursday, April 28

Life After Death

Vintage photo of man with a bird

Two short stories from my clippings, perhaps illustrating the possibility of life following, what we call, death.

My father died when my granddaughter was two-and-a-half. On our first Christmas without him, we were all in the kitchen at my daughter's house when my granddaughter came running in the room saying, "Grandpa's here."

She grabbed me by the hand, took me into the empty sitting room and pointed to the sofa, saying, "Look, here he is."

She could see him and was so happy. It made a difficult day much easier. She was too young to be pretending.

~ Grannytowins

My mother always sang You Are The Sunshine Of My Life when I was a little girl. On my birthday, five years after she had died, I said, "I love you Mum," and was so sad.

At that moment, out of all the songs in the world, Stevie Wonder came on the radio singing that song!

~ Anonymous

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  1. A synchro for me! I am working on a new proposal, Secrets of Spirit Communication, and happened to click over here. These two stories are fascinating!

    1. Thanks Trish - sounds interesting: Secrets of Spirit Communication.

  2. I had a moment like that, sort of, after my husband passed. I was driving home from my daughter's one night and talking (to myself) and said "I just wonder for sure just where you are" meaning my husband, as I had been to him in my mind. At that point the song by Josh Groban (first time I ever heard of him) To Where You Are, came on the radio and it gave me the chills!

    1. How strange is that, Cynthea! Thanks for leaving your story.