Sunday, April 10

The Google+ Photo And Painting Coincidence

Lerryn, Cornwall

Since I joined Google + I have been using the above photo on my profile page, as can be seen below.

Mike Perry's Google + Profile Photo

Then a few weeks back, out of the blue, someone sent my wife and I a card. They don't know anything about my Google+ Page or anything else I do on the Internet, and they live in another part of the UK. The coincidence is that the picture on their card is a painting of the very same scene as on my profile page. The only difference is that in my photo it was high tide and in the painting it is low tide.

Painting of Lerryn, Cornwall

Of all the cards or pictures they could have sent they chose this one! I wonder why?!

You can see my Google+ Page and Photo Collections here.

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  1. Good one! Another synchro with a great odds.

  2. Anonymous23:27

    That was kewl coincidence.

  3. That painting is lovely. Only you!