Tuesday, June 7

X-Ray Shows Identical Injuries To twins

Werribee, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Werribee Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I came across this coincidence in The Age newspaper. The story involves an X-ray and, as a further coincidence, minutes after I had finished writing this post, my local hospital unexpectedly phoned me to make an X-ray appointment for myself! (Just a routine check-up)

Coincidence Follows Collision

Werribee [Australia]: An X-ray examination of injuries in a recent motor accident at Wirribee by William and Henry Sadler, twins, aged 20 years, of the Metropolitan Board's farm, has revealed that their injuries are exactly the same.

Both had a broken pelvis, the breaks being identical, and internal injuries are also the same.

The twins are inmates of a private hospital at Werribee, and are making satisfactory progress. They were travelling in a motor car to Geelong when their car came into collision with another car, which had already been involved in a collision. A third person in the Sadler's car had a leg broken.

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  1. I think twins share all sorts of odd things like this. Interesting story!