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National Service Parachute Coincidence

National Service Poster
National Service Poster
Coincidences can pop up in the most unusual situations, as this story from C Atkins illustrates.

During my National Service in 1954-56, I served with the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Early in 1956 in the lead up to the Suez Crisis, the Parachute Regiment asked if our regiment would provide the 'enemy' for an exercise of Bodmin Moor.

I was in a forward position in the drop zone when, just before dusk, a plane flew low over us and we watched as the occupants jumped out and deployed their chutes. One paratrooper landed close to my position and, as he unbuckled his harness and gathered up his chute, looked at me and said, "Hello, Charlie, what are you doing here?"

It was Brian Norman from Minehead, and we were in the scouts together.

An observing officer came over to us and told me not to fraternise with the enemy!

~ C. Atkins, Somerset, England

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  1. Wow! What are the odds for this one?! Incredible.