Wednesday, January 18

Attracting An Abundance Of Pens - By Coincidence?

Four pens

In lots of ways this is very similar to my post An Abundance Of Five Brooms Coincidence - only substituting 'Pens' for 'Brooms'. I shall explain:

I had a form to complete, tried one pen and it didn't work, tried another and that didn't write either. In exasperation I said to my wife, "We must get some more decent pens." She must have had more important things on her mind as she just mumbled, "Mmmm" or something similar.

Anyway, we went off for a walk to town that morning and while she went somewhere or other I walked up to the bank. Outside the bank was a pen on the ground - a perfect silver coloured pen. I slipped it into my pocket and walked on. There was no sign that it belonged to anyone.

The next day, walking again, we were turning into our road and there at the side was another silver coloured pen - and it wrote perfectly.

"My guardian angel is looking after my needs," I said. A similar, "Mmmm" was the reply.

I was quite chuffed with my two pens. That same afternoon a neighbour asked me if I could help him with his new computer tablet as he couldn't get the wi-fi working. Not that I'm an expert, far from it, but I went to his house to see what I could do. To cut it short, I managed to get his tablet working properly, after about an hour an a half. He was very pleased, so I went home.

About an hour or so later the same neighbour knocked on the door and handed me a small package. He said it was for helping him. Inside were three new pens!

So, from saying I wanted some pens I received five - just like I received five brooms in my other post I mentioned. Magic?

It's almost like that passage from the Bible that says: 'Ask and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over ...'

It's certainly odd though, how a throw away statement can generate five pens (or five brooms!) or maybe five anything else. Coincidence, of course, but is it? Some will say there is no such thing.

Again, strangely, I had been reading a book my friend's wife had given me about angels ... okay, I haven't gone all religious, but the gist of the book is that we can ask angels to help with our needs, health and so on - but we have to say our requests out loud. No silent pleas and, according to the book, any prayers should also be said aloud.

I'm not saying for one minute that angels supplied me with pens, and brooms but there does seem to be an underlying 'power' whereby we can influence our lives for the better. That's all I'll say ... before the men in white coats arrive.

You never know, ask for something and you might just get it - but don't dwell on what you don't want because you might just as easily get that as well.

P.S. My photo only shows four pens - as with my five brooms post - I gave one away. That sort of starts another conversation about giving and receiving - but another time, perhaps.

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  1. Good one! You asked and received - in abundance!