Thursday, March 11

Canary Island Battery Charge

Canary IsalndsI'm off to the Canary Islands for a break for about 15 days, so there won't be a post every day as usual during this period. I have, however, pre-written some posts which will be automatically published - subscribers will get the info as usual.

When my wife and I go away it's strictly no computers, mobile phones and so on, other than a text to our (adult) sons to confirm we have arrived safely.

It's good to charge the batteries somewhere different and to see new places. Who knows what exciting things may happen!

If you are new to the blog below are the Top Ten Most Read Posts over the past four weeks. Hopefully you will find something interesting amongst them.

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See you soon,


  1. Oh no! I'll miss dropping by here every day for your wonderful synchros! But have a great trip.

  2. Ditto the MacGregor's comment; you're on my "blogdaily" list!

    Have a wonderful time; note the synchros and take lots of pics!