Thursday, June 10

Small Coincidences Which Make Up a Day

Nothing too dramatic for this post, just a few 'small' coincidences I've noticed so far today.

Firstly, I went to the Reuters website to do a little research for something I'm doing and the first article I read had been edited by 'Michael Perry', which is my name (see below) - though I'm often called Mike or Mick or even Mickey.

editied by Michael PerryAfterwards I went to the Stumbleupon website where one of my posts had been listed. I have written previously on Coincidence Of Lucky Numbers that a significant number in my life is 76.

The post I was looking for on Stumbleupon was one I had written about my dead father and a voice I had heard. The number of people who had read the post from Stumbleupon was 76, and this sent a shiver up my spine - a message perhaps?

Speaking to my dead fatherFirst thing this morning I weighed myself and for the first time for a while my weight was 11 stones 11 pounds - so the scales showed 11:11.

Later in the morning I mowed the lawn in my back garden and after finishing and going indoors the time on my clock was 11:11.

Much has been written about the significance of 11:11 including on the Synchronicity blog.

At lunch time I read in my newspaper about coincidences. They gave an example: "On the seventh day of the seventh month (July) of 1977, a woman named Mrs Severn became 77!" Not exactly mind blowing but the article went on about odds and the law of averages. For instance:

How many people are needed in a group before there is a 50-50 probability of two of them sharing the same day and month of birth? Commonsense may suggest 365 people; yet statistically this coincidence is likely to occur when only 22 people are gathered together.

After lunch my wife mentioned that she hadn't heard from one of her old dressmaking clients, Bunty, for years and wondered where she was now living. Yes, you've guessed. A little while later, the phone rang and it was Bunty.

Wonder what'll happen next today?

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  1. didn't realise that about only 22 ppl needed to share same birth dates. Thats why we have several same in our small family.

  2. Seems to me that you and your wife are right in the flow, Mike. One synchro after another! I didn't know about that 22 thing, either.

  3. Interesting post. I find that some days are full of coincidences and others are not. Amazing life we live, isn't it. Thank you for your comments on my Blog.

  4. My recent coincidence/synchro just left me scratching my figurative head---I think it was the lightly teasing/trickster force at work.

    A feral cat has been coming around and playing with out adopted/domesticated/vaccinated/neutered ferals. He has a weird voice and does not 'mee-ow' but makes a 'mow-mow' (rhymes with cow-cow) sound. We started referring to him as Mow-Mow. On Sunday afternoon I was joking about his name reminding me of an historical event in colonial Africa called the Mau Mau Uprising, but that I'd have to google the phrase as I didn't know much about the particulars.

    I never got around to the research but woke up Tuesday morning to an early (7:30 AM) movie playing on Turner Classics called "Something of Value", made in 1957 with Rock Hudson and Sidney Poitier and the subject: Mau Mau Rebellion in Kenya (!!).

    I'd never seen the movie, much less ever read about it.

  5. Thanks for the comments. I think you are right Star coincidences do seem to come in batches or cycles. And, yes, it is an amazing life!

    musingegret: I love these sort of links which come about. Funnily enough I'd just been reading about the Mau Mau following what I read about Obama's grandfather. It seems he alleged that the British tortured him at the time of the Mau Mau troubles. Can't blame that on Mow Mow though!