Thursday, January 6

An Unlikely Coincidence Meeting

Another interesting reader's coincidence story today, this time from Markus.

Coat of arms of Jyväskylä"I’m originally from a small town in central Finland called Jyväskylä. In 2005, I came to study in London, UK.

During my first week at UCL, I got talking with a girl doing the same course as I, who I’ve become friends with since. She was from Norwich, England.

She asked me where I was from, and I said, "Finland." She said, "That’s cool, my auntie is Finnish."

So I asked, "Where do they live?" She said, "Jyväskylä." I said, "Wow, that’s where I’m from."
I asked half jokingly what her auntie’s name was. She said Smith (not the real name, but will suffice here). And it kind of rang a bell, so I asked what she did for a living. She said her auntie worked at the university. I said, "Well, so does my Dad!" But that’s by no means the end of it.

I was talking with my Dad on the phone some time later and I asked him if he knows this Smith person? He said of course he does, she’s the head of his department, his boss in effect.

But the real punch-line of this coincidence is that in 1988, when my Dad went to do research in the States and our whole family moved there for a year (I was 8 at the time), Mr and Mrs Smith had rented and moved into our home for that whole year. And 18 years later I find myself doing the same course as their niece, in a city of some 13 million, in a country on the other side of Europe.

It took me a while to get over this one!"


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  1. yet another gd coincidence story. always amazed that such meetings can happen

  2. Great story. These kinds of synchros really seem to address the connections that exist among all of us.

  3. I truly believe that when we are meant to meet our lives will be adjoined over and over again in different ways. So amazing when we realize this together with the other person. So truly amazing when we find out why.........

  4. Just to let you know, I don't often leave comments. However, I do watch your blog, enjoy it. Actually, it's quite charming.

    Blog on ...