Tuesday, March 1

The UFO Detector Appliance

UFO detectorI was sifting through some of the oddities that can be found on Amazon USA and came across a UFO Detector! I didn't realise such stuff was available, especially on Amazon, so thought it might be of interest to others.

Okay, if we look at the UFO-01 DetectorUFO detector - that's the picture on the right. And below is a description of the detector as per the Amazon website:

"Do UFOs; Unidentified Flying Objects exist? Of course they exist! UFO sightings are reported all over the globe by thousands of people. The real question is whether UFOs are interstellar vehicles visiting Earth? Most UFO sightings can be classified as misidentified aircraft, planets or other aerial phenomena, but not all of them. There is that small percentage of UFO reports that can't be explained by any known aircraft or natural phenomena. It is this small percentage of reports that create an exciting possibility. Over the years the small percentage of real UFO sightings have reported magnetic and electromagnetic disturbances. The UFO Detector is designed to sense these disturbances and will signal their presence by flashing an LED and beeping. The elegantly designed transparent plastic case is a handsome sculptured conversation piece that allows one to see the electronics inside the case. Suitable for display on a desk, shelf or bedroom dresser. Size is approximately 3" dia. by 2.75" length."

Okay, that's what it says but is it any good? I've no idea myself (I'm not recommending the item, this is purely written as information / amusement) but here are two opposing reviews on the UFO-01 Detector I came across. We'll start off with the good:

"I purchased this item and am blown away by its effectiveness. I started this device up and immediately detected not one, not two, but five separate UFOs in my immediate area. I am currently working on a way to communicate with what I assume is an intelligent species visiting our planet, but so far, I have been unsuccessful. I am waiting to see if this company will be selling a UFO communications device in the near future. If it is anything like this detector, I will be extremely happy. Thank you for a great product !"

And now a not so good review and yes, it is genuine! I haven't made it up.

"After my first abduction I sought out to arm myself with something that would prevent this from happening to me again. Alas, the UFO Detector. Since then my microwave, TV, radio, and cellphone have been causing the device to alarm several times, sending me in a state of panic where I'd hide under my bed for days. Next time it went off it was no false alarm. And I was, again, on board an alien vessel with probes hanging from every opening of my body."

But then I found that there is an (improved?) UFO-02 Detector! That's the photo on the left and below is a positive review on the product:

UFO Detector 02"I wasn't really sure when I ordered this if it was going to actually help me identify overhead UFOs, but by gosh, it does the trick. You see, I'm a taxi driver and as I drive people around I sometimes get these odd feelings, and I wasn't sure if it was that my passengers were creeping me out, or if some other sinister force was at work. I installed this on my dashboard, and as we approached EPCOT (A Disney theme park) this thing started to go off like crazy! Yes, the "Spaceship Earth" as they call it at EPCOT is in fact a real UFO. As a nation, we have been led to believe that Disney is all about make-believe and fairy tales, but I tell you folks, WATCH OUT! I can't wait to take this with me when my family and I head down to area 51 this summer. Any other ideas of places I should check out?"

Amongst the Amazon oddities I also found other UFO orientated products such as the Roswell Soil Sample and the, erm, Area 51 Love Doll. Guess we all have our fantasies!

There is a full range of Amazon USA Oddities here. No, I haven't purchased any of them myself and neither am I recommending any of them!

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  1. Hysterical! We should all get one of these immediately. What a conversation piece! Thanks for posting this, Mike.

  2. lol - a ufo detector - we should be prepared!

  3. Real funny Mike! I think I might have to get one of these. The second one would look much better as a decoration on my table. Funny post.