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The Meaning Behind UFO Sightings

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I was thinking about the reality (or not) of UFOs and what they may be when I came across something written by the author Jacques Vallee. Perhaps there is a purpose for mankind behind the sightings, and they are not necessarily from aliens.

Vallee sees a psychic component in the UFO phenomena and believes we are dealing with "a different level of existence, a reality that seems to cut through our own at right angles. I believe that a powerful force has influenced the human race in the past, and is again influencing it now. Does this force originate entirely within human consciousness, or does it represent alien intervention?"

Vallee seems to be suggesting that the build up of UFO sightings is to cause a shift in human consciousness. These sightings come in cycles and appear to be controlled so that we get the right 'dosage', for want of a better word.

A flux of UFO sightings generate lots of interest and then, as these lessen in numbers, so does our interest and belief in them. As our interest wains we are given another dose.

Vallee aligns this to what psychologists call 'the reinforcement phenomenon' which has been proven with tests on animals. The best ways to introduce something is to combine periodicity with unpredictability. In this way learning is slow but quite continuous and, more importantly, irreversible.

The UFOs may well be teaching us something, without the aid of any direct contact. We are being forced to look up and perhaps realise that we are not simply earthlings but are citizens of the universe.

Colin Wilson, in his book Mysteries, writes of how he hopes the book may make his readers aware that "the 'control mechanism' may operate from 'in here.' For it has tried to show that man has many levels, many 'selves', and that, moreover, the level of everyday existence is, in some strange sense, untrue. The being which looks out of my eyes is not 'me' at all. He is an impostor, The real 'me' is up there beyond my present consciousness. He knows things that 'I' do not know. Consequently he can plan things that are beyond my understanding.

The recognition could provide the basic hypothesis needed if we are to understand the nature and purpose of UFOs."

Perhaps there is more to UFO sightings than just being little green men from other planets - something much deeper.

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  1. You need to fully read and understand the "Trojan Horse" theory and not misrepresent it.

    There is nothing benevolent in the UFO phenomena and John Keel, Vallee and others have proven this several times over.

    In terms of its control system and conditioning of people, it has caused the establishment of a raft of irrational anti-human beliefs.

    Its lasting effect is the growth of modern demonology, diabolism, magical thinking and superstition.

    Educate yourself properly before espousing half truths to others, we all have that responsibility.

  2. that told you mike :) appears you must never have differing opinions to other people especially those who know everything. interesting post.

  3. Fascinating post! Personally, I think demonology is ridiculous, the product of minds way too steeped in traditional religious thought.

  4. Fascinating post. :D

    Personally I think any "Trojan Horse" theories increase the fear factor, give rise to horror stories, and promote the helplessness of humanity mystique. Not my belief at all.

  5. You nailed it, Terri.