Wednesday, July 27

Yesterday Was A Very Special Day

balloons clip artI missed posting this yesterday but 7/26/2011 (as the US would print the date) was a special day, like only one other this millennium.

Why? Because the date is the product of three multiplied consecutive prime numbers - so says the University of Portland professor Aziz S. Inan, Ph.D.

The prime numbers being 191, 193 and 197. If these are multiplied together the total is 7262011 which - if you put the dashes in place - is the same as 7/26/2011.

The next time this will happen is with the consecutive prime numbers 227 x 229 x 233 which equals 12112039 or 12/11/2039.

After this we'll have to wait until the year 3121 and 101 x 103 x 107.

So, hope you had a good 26 July 2011, sorry I meant July 26 2011 - I missed out on the celebrations myself.

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  1. wonder if there are any such days for the way we do the date in england

  2. fascinating, you come up with the neatest information Mike.

  3. I missed the celebrations, too. But what an interesting bit of info!

  4. I highly enjoy your informative posts