Wednesday, November 9

The Signs While Walking The Ibiza Coast With A White Heron

Harbour at Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
While in Ibiza we walked along the coast from Santa Eulalia to es Canar. It took us nearly three hours but we did keep stopping, enjoying the views and, at times, the path had disappeared through erosion which meant detours.

We started out at Santa Eulalia harbour, near to the hotel where we were staying, and immediately saw what we took to be a heron - though I'm not sure if this correct - but, whatever, the bird seemed to follow us along our walk stopping on rocks and diving into the blue sea for fish. He or she was good company.

Heron bird seen at Ibiza
It was a beautiful day and everything was perfect.

Coastline Ibiza
Ibiza scenary
There was a small, quiet beach bar / cafe where we stopped half way for a cold beer - so that slowed us down a little - not that we were in any hurry.

Beach bar Santa Eulalia coast
Next our 'heron' led us to one of the hippies on Ibiza who was balancing stones on top of each other - some of his efforts in the photo below. I guess the only bit that didn't seem quite right was that he had arrived on a jet-ski! Oh yes, he was also painting an old driftwood tree green!

We hardly saw anyone else on the coastal path other than a few nudists topping up their all over tans while tucked away on small sandy coves.

Ibiza scenary
Kite surfing, Ibiza
es Canar, Ibiza view
When we eventually reached es Cana we stopped at a small cafe for refreshments and watched the world go by for an hour - and then it was back on our feet for the return journey.

Cafe in es Canar, Ibiza
The 'heron' was still about, and had a black friend join him, as we approached the Santa Eulalia harbour once more where we had started.
Heron waiting for us at Santa Eulalia
Black heron type bird at Ibiza
And finally back to Santa Eulalia harbour - a shower in the hotel and dinner to end a perfect day. As for the heron type bird it felt as if we knew him and, strangely, we never saw him again on our holiday.

There are often messages in the things we see. In this case: the heron, the balancing of the stones, the nudists, the tree being painted green, the eroded footpath and so on. I have my own personal interpretation. When on holiday, away from computers and the like, the mind seems clearer and able to interpret the signs more easily.

Harbour Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
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  1. As you know I've recently been to France and it rained a lot and then I see your photos - thanks!! The pics are lovely and what about that heron it looks like he or she is dancing wearing a frilly skirt. Always like looking at your travel posts. I get rust and you get a suntan - huh!

  2. You're going to think I'm just pulling your chain,Mike,but I saw a white Heron (Egret)and a white Cockatoo battling for the same scrap of food only this morning,as I was driving my wife to the bus station.
    I've seen white Cockatoos before,but I don't ever recall seeing white Herons around here.We do have them in Brisbane,but I don't remember seeing any around my place before.
    I was surprised to see the heron,but I didn't think much more about it until I came here and read this post...then it was like a spiritual punch in the face.
    I'm going to have my camera ready next time I drive down that road,and hopefully I can snap a picture to show you (I'll stop the car first.-) .But I don't like my chances.I think it was a one off,like the Sacred Kingfisher I snapped.

  3. Wonderful post and fantastic photos.Ibiza looks just beautiful. I love these signs. Seems to me they all add up to perfection!

  4. great post great photos and like the mention of the signs

  5. LOVELY!
    I agree that a break from electronics on holiday does focus the attention on where we are. When I return to the gadgets of my work it is with a new appreciation of them as tools and not appendages.