Thursday, November 24

The Soul Group Links On Earth

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After breakfast this morning I stood up from the table in an awkward way and remained like this while I said something to my wife.  Karin said, "You just look like my father standing there like that."

Karin's father died when she was just four years old so her memories of him are only from early childhood combined with how he looks in a few old photographs.

This got me thinking about the very first time I went to Germany - where Karin was born - to meet her mother and family. Being the new man in her life out came the photos, mostly of her when at school and so on.  Then my mother-in-law to be got out a photo of my wife's father.  Before I saw the picture I remember feeling awkward and uneasy, knowing that I would look like him. I was relieved when I didn't see a likeness.

I don't speak German but, later the same day, Karin told me that her mother said I looked a lot like her father.

This got me thinking about the Soul Groups we are supposedly linked to here and in the spirit world. These might well be people we meet up with from time to time and with whom we feel an instant rapport.

I don't see that a Soul Group would necessarily have physical similarities while on earth. But perhaps we would feel a familiarity about the other person or persons when meeting them.

It could be that I am from the same Soul Group as Karin's father. What Karin and her mother may have sensed might be this connection.  I'm not absolutely sure about this though.

I have written before about how I feel I have always known my son and grandson. I was at the birth of my son and saw my grandson just four hours after he had been born. I felt straight away that I had known them forever.  Somehow I knew who they were. If this is down to reincarnation or a Soul Group again I'm not certain.

What I do feel sure of  is that we all have links with others that reach back over thousands of Earth years.  As I watch my 15 month old grandson I know we have been together previously - don't know where, don't know when - but we know and understand each other well. One day I will remember our previous connection.

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  1. That has got me thinking (again), I have a friend whom I think I have known 'forever' as you put it. Great post - you really love your family don't you!

  2. I think you're right Mike.I had the same gut feeling when my sons were born,but like an Alzheimer patient must feel when they are trying to place a face,I had not the slightest where I knew these souls from,but it is a deep knowing recognition.
    Oddly enough I had the same feeling when I met a few people at the Byron Writer's festival.Two in particular, Barry Eaton who actually wrote a book about the subject called "Afterlife" and Scott Alexander-King,who actually wrote in the front of the book I asked him to sign
    "To dear Daz,journey well spirit brother."
    I thought that it might just be something he writes in all of his books (except for the Daz part.-)
    Also oddly enough,Barry is interviewing Scott on his radio show tonight about Scott's new book.

    I haven't heard it yet but I'm going to listen to it right after I type this comment.
    I was in his shop on the weekend and even the girl behind the counter seemed familiar to me...but that's too long a story to recall here,although an interesting 'coincidence' did occur.
    But you are definitely not alone with those soul group feelings Mike.
    It is a way different feeling to wishful thinking.It is a knowing...but you can't remember what you know.It is like a word that's on the tip of your tongue kind of feeling.

  3. The concept of group soul has always fascinated me. I think there are not only family group souls, but community soul groups, where people agree to come in together to accomplish something, to change the paradigm.

    I felt the same way about our daughter.