Tuesday, December 6

The Currents Of Thought Within The Universal Mind

I was reading Darren's blog and his post The World (Wide Web) Is A Circle with examples of how synchronicity links up various blogs and bloggers. Trish from synchrosecrets left a comment on the post which included the following: "I've often wondered about the simultaneous thing that occurs with synchros ... It's all so intricate and interconnected that you really do have to ask who is running the show." This in turn got me thinking ...

It got me thinking about currents of thought, which emanate from the Universal Mind. I first read about this in The History And Power Of Mind by Richard Ingalese, first published way back at the beginning of the 1900s. I've mentioned previously that this was one of the first books that held my attention long enough to get me interested in the occult and hidden teachings.

What Ingalese maintains is that "there are currents of thought in the great magnetic sea of consciousness in which we live, and we can and do attach ourselves either consciously or unconsciously to different currents with definite results.."

He goes on to explain how the magnetic consciousness, of which we are a part, "... is pulsating with life and is capable or receiving and transmitting thought.  In this great magnetic sea there are thought currents as clearly defined as there are currents in the air or in the oceans."

We humans can and do draw on these currents in Universal Mind which we are sympathetically vibrating with.  In other words if you, I and others are thinking along similar lines our minds may become attached to this current and we will receive the same ideas. We all end up with similar thoughts - plagiarism can be explained in this way. Think of the inventions, discoveries, story lines and so on that are disputed as to who first came up with them - but they all did, by connecting with a current of thought.

Currents of thought can also explain some examples of coincidences and synchronicity.

I guess in answer to Trish's question about who is running the show we all are. We are all influencing each other with our thoughts, actions and deeds. Darren wrote a blog post, Trish left a comment and this gave me a subject to write about today - which you are now reading. And so the idea goes on and develops and alters according to the readers' interpretation and interest.

Whatever we say influences others and starts off a current of thought: some weak and feeble but others strong and powerful - and which will go viral in Internet terms.

As Darren suggests the world is a circle. We all have an important role to play. Everything we do can set off a chain reaction that will travel a certain distance. Some will quickly fade but others could change the world. We are all VIPs and have influence - let's use it wisely.

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  1. I haven't read the book, but the Seth material (Jane Roberts) mentions many of the same types of ideas. It's as if we can all tap into the collective sea and our thoughts and beliefs attract us to the ideas that resonate for us.

    Years ago, Rob and I started a book about what had happened to Amelia Earhart. For one reason or another, we didn't finish it. Not long afterward, 2 novels came out about Amelia - and what happened to her. The same idea was operating there, I think.

    Provocative post, Mike!

  2. That must mean that we can tap into all sorts of currents of thoughts. And must mean we can learn about anything. Fascinating. I might yet become a writer, inventor, spy ;)