Friday, March 4

Ghost Of Virgin Mary Seen On The Cornish Cliffs

Virgin Mary on cliffs at Newquay
Well, whatever next? The ghost of Virgin Mary has been spotted on the cliffs in Newquay in Cornwall a few miles from where I live. Well that's what the newspapers and media are calling this 'vision' captured on a photo.

Personally I'm not sure why it's supposed to be the Virgin Mary. She looks more like an old fashioned lady carrying perhaps a lamp or even a beer tankard. Oh, and she looks to be pregnant.

But, whatever, the photo was snapped by Caroline Gray last month while she was on holiday in Newquay. She took the photo with her digital camera and later realised that there was a figure by the rocks.

Ghost at Newquay CornwallWhen the photo was taken there was no one else on the beach. Perhaps it's a trick of the light? Caroline doesn't think so. She said, "Some people have suggested that it may be just a light reflection, but the sun was behind the rock face all the time and it would have filled the whole cave instead of just performing a perfect image.

The image was definitely not a natural part of the rock formation as it was not visible at the time."

I've tried to enlarge the image but it's very hazy so, if anything, more likely a run of the mill ghost. I'm sure the Virgin Mary would have put on a much more distinctive display!

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  1. that looks a convincing photo but like you i dont see why anyone would think this is virgin mary

  2. I imagine the woman to be on the cliffs, holding a lantern, who is anxiously looking out to sea waiting for her husband to return on his ship or boat, her baby nearly ready to be born.

  3. I have to agree with Suzie...that sounds more like it. But one never knows.

  4. There's definitely an image there. It evokes a kind of strange feeling in me, not sure why!

    Working on, hmm disengagement? Blogger stays up for awhile, but we've got our "mirror" blog now, too.

  5. I will agree with tom.............................well said Tom