Thursday, January 5

Hubcaps to Prosperity And Happiness

Nothing earth shattering today but my daughter-in-law did lose a hubcap from one of her car wheels. My wife and I were talking about this as we went for a walk in the rain this morning - oh yes, we cover some very deep subjects as we walk!

As it was a bit messy to venture across fields we stayed on pavements alongside roads. After a few minutes we found a hubcap.  Not our daughter-in-laws I might add, it was from a different make car.

Another ten minutes and we found a second hubcap, again the wrong make. Karin said, "We are now bound to find a third."

"No," I said, "I'm going to start finding things in fours."  Well, you've got to think in a different way at times, otherwise everything stays the same.

"Trust you."

Another five minutes and we found the third hub cap, this time from a Ford car, so still the wrong make.

"See told you we'd find a third," said Karin.

We were in the last part of our walk, virtually back to our own road and there it was, a fourth hubcap.

"See, told you we'd find a fourth!"

Of course we only noticed the hubcaps because we had been talking about them.  Otherwise we probably wouldn't have given them a second glance.

It's what the brain does.  There is so much stimulation and things we could observe that the brain filters out most of it - to save us from overload. It lets us be aware of what interests us. And this is partly why visualisation can bring about the things that we wish for.

If we start visualising and imaging, say, a new camera this tips off the brain and it starts helping us to see all sorts of new cameras in newspapers, magazines in conversations and so on.  This all helps us believe that this visualisation malarkey might just work.  But there is also a natural law that our thoughts and images will become reality - if we hold the matrix long enough.  The brain and the natural law can work hand in hand to alter our lives, if that's what we want.

From hubcaps to  prosperity and happiness we can have it all. Oh, and belief and feelings alongside our visualisation will turbo charge the whole process.  But nothing is for free. It still takes effort, discipline and laying down some good karma.  Get involved in any negative traits: fear, hate, greed and so on and we start to repel the things we desire.  It's probably why Santa Claus only left presents for good little girls and boys.

P.S. My son has bought his wife a new set of hub caps so we can all stop looking now!

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  1. kids nick the hubcaps from the area i live. its interesting how we do see things we have been talking about i notice that with cars

  2. I think Karin is exceptionally intuitive, Mike. Cool story. And you're so right about visualization!

  3. Trish: Karin does find stuff, though her finding money hasn't been so good recently - must give her a talking to!