Saturday, April 21

Van Gives The Answer To A Crossword Clue

Thrifty Van Hire

A frugal coincidence story today by Alwyn Hall.

"Not infrequently I walk a mile to the village pub and, while enjoying a glass of beer, do the quick crossword on the back page of the Daily Mail.

I usually manage to complete it, but a little while ago I was stuck on 24 across: 'Economical or frugal'

I wrote the letters and spaces in the margin at the bottom of the page T_R_F_Y, but nothing gelled.

As I walked home along a country road, I pictured these letters in my mind and recalled the clue. I do not like to be defeated and, after all, there were only 26 cubed possibilities, so I was confident I'd soon have the answer.

At that moment, a van passed me with a company name in large letters on the rear doors. The graphic style, together with the speed of the vehicle, made it awkward to read but, before it disappeared from sight I had it figured - and also the answer to 24 across: THRIFTY (as in Thrifty Car and Van Hire)"

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  1. What a cool synchro! This type always astonishes me. He needed the answer - and it arrived!

    1. Wonder why we don't all use this 'asking' on a regular basis? It looks like nothing is too trivial to get an answer.

  2. These are the type of stories that everyone has, but so many dismiss. Keep posting them.

    1. I think these are 'magic' in action. If we ask we get.

  3. I'm constantly speaking with God and the universe as I experience Him and it. Things like this give me a 'feeling' of synch with time and space. Great story!

    1. It's like everything in life - if we don't ask we don't get (well, not always!)

  4. I like the phone number on the van in the photo.
    Obviously this isn't the van (or is it?),but the phone number on the door of the van is very pertinent to this crossword and your blog.
    024(24 across)76/67(your two numbers that you write about quite frequently here Mike,mirroring each other,back to back),plus the last five numbers 73464 also add up to 24.
    I'm probably stretching that last one,though.-)

    1. Thanks, I hadn't noticed the 76 and 67! As to being the same van ... who knows ... could be! As I've said before you are more observant than I seem to be.