Thursday, May 3

The Marathon Runner Who Knows His Place

It was the Brighton Marathon in April with something like 8000 runners taking part. One of these was Mark Robinson or Robbo to his friends. He's 30 and from Oxford, England.

As you can see from the happy looking photo Robbo was assigned number 1555.

So, guess where he came in the race? Okay, I'm sure you've got the answer right as this blog's always on about coincidences. He finished in 1555th place.

He said about the race: "The run itself couldn’t have been more perfect for me, the conditions were ideal, the training had been perfect, and the support that lined the streets was larger than last year. It really does make a difference when strangers cheer your name."

And for those who need to know such information: Peter Some was first with a time of 2:12:03 and Svietlana Kouhan was the first woman at 2:29:37.

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  1. Good one! What are the odds?

    1. No idea, and there's no real apparent reason to why this should happen. Perhaps there's a meaning or significance for Robbo.

  2. Wow, that's surprising.