Wednesday, June 27

Facebook Romantic Coincidence

Couple met on Facebook

The likes of Facebook and other social networking websites have changed the way we meet others, even for romance. Take Kelly Hildebrandt for example.

Kelly (female) said, "I was like, I wonder if there's any other Kelly Hildebrandt on Facebook, so, I searched my own name."

Kelly did find another Kelly Hildebrandt and it was a 'he'. She explained, "He was the only one that came up. And actually, in the picture, he didn't have his shirt on, and I'm like, 'Oh, he's cute!'"

The 'he' Kelly was from Texas and the 'she' from Florida and now the two will, sort of, become one. Eight months after their meeting Kelly proposed to Kelly.

Their opinion of the whole coincidence relationship is that, "It was love at Facebook sight." Okay, a bit cringe-worthy, but their romance started with the coincidence of their names being the same on Facebook.

Kelly, the initial seeker, sent the first message, "Hey, I see we have the same name, and I thought it was kinda cool, so I wanted to say hi."

And from this their status eventually changed.

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  1. Now THIS is a terrific story about synchros and social media!

    1. I'm surprised how we don't see many more social media synchros.

  2. There are two others on Facebook by the same name as mine. Both are female and live in the same city as I do. A mother-daughter team yet we don't seem to be related. They recently moved here from the north, whereas I always lived in the south.
    A sweet story, Mike.