Wednesday, July 4

Enjoy The Spirit Ride To The Pure White Light

Pure white light

There are many descriptions as to what the spirit may be. Here is one such explanation by RP Beesley, see what you think.

"The spirit is a very splendid thing, composed in miniature of the essence of all creations, known and unknown; concealed splendour perhaps at this stage, but nevertheless its future assured.

All wisdom, knowledge and comprehendings are stored away in the holy essence.  This explains the need for its various clothings, its various bodies (astral, etheric, mental etc.) to protect itself from the course material of outer space, and which are means by which it can in part project itself into denser matter.

Mind over matter is not a new phrase, but with the comprehension of spirit it makes the eventual discipline, the overcoming, the final achievement more possible.

As God consciousness expands so are new worlds formed.  We are the people of these new worlds - pure spirit, pure essence of God; what a privilege!"

And our ultimate goal? These are Beesley's thoughts:

"We shall shed the soul form, so that pure mind (pure consciousness) and pure spirit are completely united in cosmic intelligence and Form Divine; this we call the place of Pure White Light - something which will take many eons to achieve - yet a heavenly goal we should all seek to attain.

I guess it will take us an extremely long time before we can be fully united with God- for want of a better word. Creation as we know it has barely started, so there's a lengthy journey ahead of us!

It might be an idea to try and enjoy the ride.

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  1. I'm not sure I like the idea of being united with this Pure White Light, so glad it's a long way off! Interesting post (as always).

    1. I know what you mean there Suzie, we would no longer be an individual.

  2. Great post, Mike. I'm all for enjoying the ride, whatever it is!

    1. Me too, at least I'm doing my best to enjoy the ride - even if it does get bumpy at times!

  3. BTW, google psychology today. Your story about the kids in the photo who later got married was used in a debunking article!

    1. Thanks Trish, will Google as suggested.