Monday, August 27

The Mars Curiosity UFO Photos Plus A Pinch Of Salt

Nothing too serious today. I was looking at the NASA web site and saw the photo below - this is the link. It is from a selection of raw images sent back from Mars by Curiosity.

There is something - a small dot - in the sky, which I have circled in the second photo.

NASA photo of Mars

Mars from Curiosity

UFO above Mars
And if I enlarge the image, as per the photo on the right it has a definite shape.

The technical, official answer is that these are simply dead pixels on the imager. But if we want to float off into conspiracy land then they would say this, wouldn't they?

I did a bit of a search on Google and I found that the Daily Mail had similar images of something which seemed to be heading across the Mars sky.

As the pics are by NASA I understand that they are in the public domain, so here they are below. If you look closely there is a white dot that starts about an inch from the left of the top photo and gradually 'moves' across the horizon to the right when we reach the bottom photo.  Obviously more dead pixels!

NASA Mars photos
Curiosity Mars photos showing a UFO

Click on the photos to make them bigger.

Okay, the thought of UFOs over Mars may be taken with a pinch of salt, but there again who knows ...

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  1. I wonder if 'they' fly by here and question whether or not there's intelligent life on our planet? :)

  2. If UFOs are seen near to earth then no reason why they shouldn't be seen near Mars, but why would they be there?

  3. We were going to do a post on this! The gov't always has some stupid explanation. At the very least, they should admit they don't really know what this object is.