Monday, October 29

The Frightening Comet As An Orion Inspired UFO

Comet picture from 1527

I was reading about a comet sighting from October 1527, seen in Germany, that has been described as frightening and memorable. People continued to write about it for the best part of a hundred years.

I then came across the above image on Chronicon Mirabilium. What struck me was how the picture matched up with the description written in 1678 I had been reading. I also began to wonder if it was a comet - could it have actually been a UFO?

This is part of what I had read:

"... We pass on to its horrible figure. A form of arm that emerged from a flaming cloud, dull rather than bright in colour, half curved, was holding a great sword in its hand; it was bare and menacing, with its point down as though it wanted to strike or pierce not with the blade but with the point; there was a star at its tip, whose glare was terribly bright, and two other, less bright stars appeared beside this one, one on each side of it and slightly above it.

Even more terrifying was that one could see a large number of men's heads, as if they had been cut off, whose appearance was extremely hideous; they had long black beards and long hair standing on end: they appeared on both sides of this bare sword over quite a large area ...

... And indeed this comet was followed by several calamities, and the whole of Europe felts its effects intensely, as it was almost bathed in human blood ..."

It then goes on to list those 'calamities' which followed in various European countries.

There is a further description of the 1572 comet:

"In the year 1527 the comet was seen with many streaks like long spears, and in among them, many visages and daggers, all coloured in pale red, and in between many enormous flames of bright and fiery hue, and here and there the visages appeared, bearded and hairy in grey as of clouds and as if in flowing water streaked with blood, glittering and sparkling, as if everything were in confusion – the whole hideous of appearance, so that some who had seen it died thereof."

Orion with his belt and sword
As we look into the past there are numerous examples of 'comets', but because of limited knowledge at the time these would likely have been attributed to a God or something understandable to that age.

What does strike me about the picture are the three stars in a row and the sword. Immediately what springs to mind is Orion's belt and his weapon, picture right.

The ancients from thousands of years ago may have had links with Orion. See:

Mysterious Links Of The Ancients To Orion And The Afterlife
The Mystery Of The Three Hurlers Stone Circles

Perhaps much of what has been recorded as comets and the like, previous to the 1500s, were in fact much more than this. Could they have been UFOs and aliens? All things are possible if we give our imagination free reign!

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  1. You come up with some unusual stuff! But it makes me wonder about life.

    1. Thank you Suzie. I think we all wonder about life.

  2. It seems likely that there have been sightings for centuries. This is a fascinating bit of information and speculation. Strange and vivid description, too.

    1. You are right, there seem to be many sightings throughout history that could, possibly have been UFOs.