Friday, November 30

Step Into The Magic And Strange Things Happen

Stationery folders and inserts

I'd forgotten this until yesterday. It's one of those odd little things that come about by what appears to be almost a magical coincidence.

A few weeks back we found a bag of brand new folders on our driveway - as per the photo above, there was also another big colourful folder but I've now used this for my two year old grandson's drawings and pictures.

I've no idea where the folders originated but we left them in a prominent position for three or four days so anyone passing would see them. We also asked our neighbours and also the local gossip but no answers transpired.

After doing our best to find where they had come from we decided it was okay for us to keep the folders.

That may not seem a coincidence in itself but the next day we were walking along our road and there on a grass verge, with no houses nearby was a pack of transparent plastic inserts for the folders. Now that was a coincidence!

As there is supposedly a reason for everything in life I've been wondering why I found these folders and inserts. Perhaps there is something I should be keeping on record. Time will no doubt tell.

A few more similar happenings:

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It's an interesting old world when you step into the magic.

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  1. I like the two white butterflies and the white dragonfly on the red and black folder.
    I Googled
    "two white butterflies and a dragonfly"
    and came across this post on white butterfies -

    "Several women at the retreat shared with me, they heard … white butterflies symbolize an angel or angels’ presence."

    Maybe this is a sign that not only should you collect the white feather stories for your blog,maybe you should collect white butterfly and dragonfly stories off reader's as well?

    I also liked how between the blogger's posts are pictures of balloons with "seize the day"
    written across the photo,which is what the dragonfly always symbolized to me.
    I also found something else I found over at her blog that I will re-post as a bit of a sync for me.

    1. I noticed that the first comment to this lady's post on white butterflies was -
      "What a beautiful story – I often find little white feathers and think of angels, but I’d never really connected with butterflies..."

      Interesting connection to your white feather stories I think.

    2. Thanks Darren. Appreciate all your comments and thoughts. As you say below (as with each of us) what we do has ultimately be our own decision. I've a feeling that it's partly about looking properly at the future - a long future!

  2. In the Native American culture there is a story that dragon flies & butterflies take prayers to the Spiritual Sisters (God)& bring back their (the Sisters) answers to the people.

    1. That's interesting, white I've read of their culture I treat with great respect.

  3. Butterflies and dragonflies: esoterically, butterflies are often associated with transformation and dragonflies with communication and messages. Mike - write a book! You've got so many fantastic stories.

    1. I was going to tell Mike it was a sign to write a book,too.But I've said that to him so many times before that I would have only sounded like a broken record to mention it again.-)
      Anyway,it's easy for me to say it,only Mike can weigh up that decision for himself.

  4. Maybe it's a psychic memoir? Is that a new genre??

    1. Thanks Trish. Like what you write about 'transformation and dragonflies with communication and messages' and also the idea of a 'psychic memoir'. You've given me several paths of thought.