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John Lennon And The Coincidence With Number 9

John Lennon #9 Dream cover

I've written previously how the numbers 76 and 67 have followed me through life. The number 9 is also important to me especially when added to 76 i.e 976.

I recently wanted a copy of my father's birth certificate for personal reasons - and the number on the certificate was 976 (of course!).

I was then reminded in a blog comment by Justin Sage that John Lennon had a lot of number 9's in his life. He is quoted as saying, "I lived in 9 Newcastle Road, I was born on the 9th October. it's just a number that follows me around."

So I thought I'd collate some of the 9's in John Lennon's life. Here we go:

John was born on October 9th.

His birth time is said to have been 6.30am - 6+3=9.

He lived in his early years at 9 Newcastle Road, Wavertree, Liverpool - Newcastle, Wavertree and Liverpool have 9 letters.

He travelled on the No.72 bus to art college and 7+2+9

At art school he was friends with Stuart Sutcliffe (9 letters in surname).

In 1957 Lennon met McCartney (9 letters in surname).

The Beatles played at the Cavern Club for the first time on February 9th 1961.

Beatles manager Brian Epstein first saw the Beatles on November 9th 1961.

The Beatles EMI record deal was confirmed on May 9th 1962.

The Beatles' furst single, Love Me Do, was on Parlophone R4949.

The Beatles debut appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was on the February 9th 1964.

John met Yoko on November 9th 1966.

In April 1969 he changed his name to John Ono Lennon. An there just happens to be nine o's in the combined names of John Ono Lennon and Yoko Ono Lennon.

The Beatles had been together for 9 years when they broke up in 1970.

John and Yoko had an apartment on West 72nd Street and their original Dakota Buildings apartment was No.72. (So two lots of 7+2=9).

Yoko had a miscarriage on October 9, 1969 - John’s 29th birthday

Their son Sean was born on October 9th - John's own birthday.

Lennon's '#9 Dream' was a song on his 1974 album Walls And Bridges. The album was his ninth non-Beatles album, and was issued in the ninth month of the year.

The album Walls And Bridges featured a drawing by John Lennon when aged 11 showing a footballer with a number 9 shirt.

Walls and Bridges John Lennon album
Walls and Bridges album cover with a John Lennon drawing and No.9 Soccer shirt
#9 Dream peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was catalogued as Apple R6003 (6+3=9) in the United Kingdom.

As well as '#9 Dream' John also wrote 'Revolution No.9' and 'One After 909,

After he was shot, John was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital on 9th Avenue, Manhattan.

Roosevelt and Manhattan both have 9 letters.

John's death in New York was on December 8th but, as Cynthia his first wife writes in her own biography, this would have been December 9th in Liverpool his place of birth.

I'm sure there are many other 9s in John Lennon's life but that'll do as an example of how certain numbers often pop up in our lives.

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  1. Wow. I had no idea about all these 9s in Lennon's life. Your own #s are impressive. What are the odds, for example, of that 976 being on your dad's birth certificate?!

    1. I found that 976 on dad's certificate very 'creepy'.

  2. Did you chose that album cover right at the top because of the serial #C036-057(76) in top left-hand corner?

    1. No, I chose it for #9 Dream, the 76 is a "coincidence"!!

  3. Someone pinched an 'o' out of my 'choose' in the comment above .-)