Saturday, January 12

Was This An Alien Abduction?

Alien abduction experience

This is another unusual experience, following the example shown in Monday's post, The UFO Visit And Abduction Experience.

I'm not going to try to explain what this actually was because I don't know. The writer is leaning towards this being an alien abduction, as she has had similar experiences previously - and insists that it definitely wasn't a dream.

"Late at night I am lying in bed and awake thirsty. I go downstairs and pour a glass of water from the fridge. I take a few sips, it is too cold - so I put the pitcher back in the fridge and the glass (needn't waste it, right?)

I begin my journey back upstairs when I pass the basement door and on the wall in the basement I see a blue triangular light flickering in circles and random patterns. I can only describe it as like a screen saver - only it was a blue triangle with one corner bent. It was as if the light was bending to the wall.

At first, I am intrigued but seconds after seeing the light an incredible panic came over me. I shouted, "No! Not tonight!"

It was as if I knew something was going to happen. Next thing I remember I am being pulled backwards into the sliding glass door. I must have passed through it - !?

The next thing is, I find myself in bed ... as if I walked up the stairs and nothing had happened. I felt extremely and unusually calm and relaxed. I looked at the wall near my bed and there was another light moving there - same light, only this one was white and rotating slowly. It was as if it was saying, "It is all over. You can rest now."

 The next morning I was telling my husband what an unusual experience I had and how it must have been a dream. I opened the fridge to get something and there was my glass of water ... I really had been up.

This is only one of many unusual things that have happened over my life. I have strange night happenings dating back to when I was three years old..."

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  1. Eerie. It does have some of the hallmarks of an abduction. Maybe a regression would be helpful?

  2. These are the kind of stories that Mike Clelland likes to look into.