Monday, March 18

Blake On The Green Bridge Coincidence

I had a problem with my health last year and was told I would need a check up (scan and x-rays) six months following this - which is sometime soon.

Yesterday Karin and I walked to town. We can do this in about ten minutes but took a longer route instead - about three miles - despite it being very cold.

We got talking about when my hospital appointments might be (as we want to arrange a holiday), and about the consultant I presumed I would have to see, a Mr.Blake. It gets confusing in the UK as they become a Mr. and not a Dr. once reaching the giddy heights of consultant and/or surgeon - not sure why.

As we approached town we had to cross a scruffy, green metal bridge over the railway line, by the station. As we got to the top of the steps we couldn't help but notice that someone had sprayed some graffiti - the word 'Blake'. I felt I should take a photo of this, as above. You can see the church in the distance.

After we reached town, and then finally home, there were two letters waiting in the post box for me: both via Mr.Blake with appointments for my scan and x-ray.

Okay, maybe not much of a coincidence or synchronicity, but it seemed one to me especially as I had felt it necessary to photograph the word Blake on the bridge.

Sometimes answers are out there as symbols, signs, animals and so on. It's up to us as to whether we want to see these, or even accept them, as being meaningful.

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  1. This is funny.
    I keyed in "Blake+Perry" in Google search and didn't put in Mike or Micheal,just "Blake+Perry"
    and got this guy - Perry Blake and his new song
    "Michael Caine".Which is funny since it was only
    Michael Caine's birthday on the 14th March
    (3/14 Pi).
    It's not a bad song either,and it talks about graffiti as well.

    Perry Blake is from Dublin,so that might explain the green bridge and even though it's the 18th of March in Oz,I bought a Guinness on the way home as a belated celebration of St.Pats as I figured it's probably still the 17th in Ireland,so technically I'm still in the St.Pat zone.-)
    I'm enjoying it since I haven't had alcohol since New Year's.

  2. Her's another laugh.
    After writing the above comment I went to the shop link to see what other songs Perry Blake had and I see this message -
    " If you need to contact us you can email us at
    Our postal address is
    Orchard Music,
    tel: +353 719164601
    Thanks for buying the album!
    Patrick. "

    I wonder if that was St.Pat ?-)
    P.S.I didn't buy an album that's just the message on the page -

    Maybe when I get another job and some spare cash I'll buy something,but money and budgeting is the reason that the Guinness is my first drink since New Year's,not because I'm a member of AA.-)

    P.S. I love how that is an Oscommerce page on the site,since I made that Oz comment in my last comment.-)

  3. Whoops!
    I see I spelled Michael wrong in the first comment and Her should be Here in the second comment.
    I can assure you that I'm not drunk,I'm just bad at checking my spelling.
    Cheers again.

  4. Actually it was Monday in Ireland when I checked the world time zone site

    But it was still St.Pat's in
    Anchorage, Alaska,
    and Hawaii,so technically I scraped in.-)

    1. How about that! You should become an Internet detective or pro synchro searcher or something.

      As you say Blake Perry's song is okay. Link:

      Thanks for all that!

      Haven't had a Guinness for ages, I don't celebrate St.Pat's Day. Really fancy one now - especially with a cheese sandwich! Takes me back to younger days.

  5. It's a great synchro and so is Daz's...I agree, Daz should be an internet synchro detective!

    1. Yes a big opportunity there - DID: Daz Internet Detectives!

  6. Odd how it fits together, importantly though is that the scans and x-ray turn out okay. Fingers and everything crossed for you.

    1. Thanks Suzie, my fingers are crossed too.

  7. me too wishing scans are ok

    1. Thanks Tom, also hope you are doing well. Take care.

  8. The important thing is why did you take a photo of this graffiti ?

    1. That's what they used to call the $1000 question. I can't answer for sure - intuition, gut feeling, felt the right thing to do or maybe an outside influence to do so? It's difficult to distinguish at times.