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Follow The Self Help Signs Of Synchronicity And Coincidence

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A coincidence and synchronicity story follows from a 67 Not Out reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

Just over a year ago I was going through a crisis in my life. One day I was walking past a bookshop and decided to seek out an inspirational book that might be of some help. I was browsing through the self help books when the proprietor approached me and asked if he could be of help.

I must have looked a bit of a desperate as he reached for a book and told me how he had been through some recent trauma himself and found A Return to Love particularly helpful. He then went on to read the last page out loud to me. I was immediately put off, it didn't appeal to me, and I purchased a different book instead.

A couple of months later I was looking to buy a house and I viewed a property I had a good feeling about. As I was leaving I noticed this same book on a shelf in the hall. The people who had been living in the house spoke about how happy they had been living there.

Marianne Williamson author
Marianne Williamson
About a week later I read an article in a newspaper about the author of the book, Marianne Williamson, and thought maybe it might be worth reading after all. I mentioned the book the same day to someone at work who said she was reading it at that time.

I didn’t think any more about the book again until about a year later.

I was then walking along a street with my son in a another inner city suburb. He asked me what I would like as a Christmas present and I said a book would be good. As I looked up we were walking past a bookshop.

I remembered A Return to Love and said, "How about we take a look in this shop." I had never been in the shop before.

As we entered I went immediately to the self help section to see if it was there. I heard a voice behind me say, "Can I help you?"

I turned round to find the same man from the other shop I had been in originally over a year before. "How come you are in this shop I asked?"

"Oh, I own this shop I sold the other one a few months ago," he answered.

"Well I don’t expect you to remember me but you recommended a book to me a couple of years ago and now I am here to buy it," I said.

"What is the book called he asked?”

When I told him his eyes widened and he said, "That is amazing. Just before you entered the shop I suddenly had a thought about that particular book. I went to the shelf and got down A Return to Love to have a look at and it is sitting on the table here. I had my hand on it when you came into the shop."

I decided I had to finally buy the book.

I haven't read the book mentioned in this story so can't therefore give an opinion on it, but I see it is available on Amazon: A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"A Return To Love

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  1. I could never get into the "Course in Miracles" book.I tried reading it,but gave up.It was like reading the Bible to me...a very hard slog.
    But at least I made it through the Bible.
    Having said that though,if a book kept showing up to me as a sync,I would give it a read.
    Even the books that I really thought were lame like "The Twelfth Insight" still guided me into some profound life experiences that I probably would not have had if I had not have read this book as a stepping stone.
    So the book you pick up may end up being a very ordinary read,but by you just picking up the book and reading it it could change your life in other ways you couldn't imagine.
    If a book keeps popping up as a sync I would say it's there for a reason and you should read it.The story may be a yawn,but maybe there is one little nugget of gold hiding in the dirt ?
    While I have been disappointed in the contents of a book I thought was going to be good because it seemed to urge me to read it.
    I can't remember a book that has come along in that way that didn't send me down a rewarding path in some way that I probably wouldn't have ventured down if I had dismissed giving it a read.

    1. It's not a book that appeals to me but I agree that anything we are led to will have something relevant somewhere in the book.

  2. Great story. I've had books literally fall at my feet while browsing in bookstores. When that happens, I buy the book. Or perhaps one book will be titled at an angle. Like Daz, I couldn't get into course in miracles, but people I know have had their lives changed by the book. I've heard this phenomenon referred to as the library angel, because it happens so frequently in libraries.

    1. The Library Angel - that's a nice idea, it shows that we can be guided to ... well, whatever we need to know.

  3. Anonymous09:09

    That's funny because earlier tonight I responded to a post with a comment about the library angel and now came here through a series of random links. The story was about how a relative once couldn't get books at the library because they owed about $20. They wanted me to let them use my card or to leave the library to take the money out of my ATM account. This was someone who always had high fines and even lost library books. So I said no but don't you know one of the first books I picked up had $20 in it. So I gave it to them and said, "this isn't from me. It's from the library angel."