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Newquay Cornwall Birthday Visit

Beach at Newquay Cornwall

It was Karin's birthday last week, on the 28th of March, so we headed off to Newquay on the north coast of Cornwall for the day (we live on Cornwall's south coast). It's a town with some lovely beaches, a couple of which are dedicated to surfing the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

We didn't partake of any swimming or surfing! Despite the photo above having blue skies, it was bitterly cold and we both wore heavy sweaters and coats.

Newquay isn't perhaps a town with such interesting history as other parts of Cornwall. Though there is a legend that at night, when the mist rolls off the black Atlantic Ocean, you may hear the ominous sound of galloping horses - though I've no idea why!

I say that about history but it would have been interesting prior to 1820. This was when a farmer, a Mr.Cardell, decided to send his workers to an area known as Barrowfields to level and plough the fields extending along the cliff tops. In doing so he destroyed history going back 2500BC to 1500BC.

Barrowfields Newquay Cornwall
Barrowfields, Newquay, Cornwall as it looks today
Barrowfields originally had about seventeen barrows or burial sites from the Bronze Age. Urns have since been found with human remains and even stone coffins along with such every day items as arrowheads. Examples of these are now in Truro museum. Today its grassland - ideal for tourists - and a couple of mounds.

We had a meal at the Fort Inn, which has one of the best views in Newquay overlooking the sea, beaches and the small harbour. The photo below shows the weathered outside seats where visitors can partake of a few drinks in the summer. Unfortunately it was much too cold to sit outside last week ...

View from Fort Inn Newquay Cornwall

... even though the view was inviting.

Beaches at Newquay Cornwall

So, no coincidences or synchronicity but still a very pleasant day. As for Newquay it's the beaches and scenery that make the town. It gets heaving with people, including hens and stags, in the summer season. But there's usually a lot going on, including surfing contests if that's your thing.

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  1. What ! No synchronicity or finding money ?

    So, a sad week-end :-)

    I was born two days after Karin and my elder daughter's name is Karine. She lives in middle of France. Perhaps is it the coincidence ?

    1. Thanks, a coincidence - yes, why not?!

  2. Gorgeous beaches! It looks like a beautiful spot to celebrate a birthday. Happy belated, Karin!

  3. Not quite so much fun in the summer unless you like lots of crowds - also attracts the surfing community in droves (though obviously I have nothing against surfers!)

  4. Here I am, craving to see a beach... thanks for this, Mike!!! and, "you may hear the ominous sound of galloping horses," perfectly describes the sound of the beach where I usually go. Wow! SYNCH here!

    1. A definite synch - watch out for those horses though ...