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10 Mystery Posts About Cornwall

Trevethy Quoit Stones
A selection of 10 posts about Cornwall in England today, the county where I live. It's full of mystery, legends and Celtic charm. Probably a different slant on Cornwall from what is in most tourist guides.

Cornish Mystery Of Trevethy Quoit Stones
Part of the mystery of this ancient monument is the fact that even the experts can't be absolutely sure as to why the stones were erected in this particular way. The debate takes place because of their age ... Read more

Magic Of Fowey Cornwall
Fowey (pronounced Foy - rhymes with Boy), Cornwall is an ancient, magical little town set on the river Fowey where it meets the sea. It's also known as Daphne Du Maurier country as the author lived in ... Read more

In Search Of Celtic Crosses at St Winnow Cornwall
Leaving the River Lerryn behind we join the River Fowey (photo below). We walk along the bank until we reach the small, lonely church of St.Winnow. It's here that we want to look at the Celtic Crosses ... Read more

Mevagissey The Two Saint Fishing Village
The strange name of Mavagissey is a combination of two saints: St Meva and St Issey. The 'g' in the middle is taken from the word 'hag' which is the Cornish word for 'and' ... Read more

Mystery Of The Three Hurlers Stone Circles
The Hurlers stone circles bring forth many questions such as : Why three of them, when one was enough for the likes of Stonehenge? What were they used for? Why would people want to create them? And so on, and so on ... Read more

Menabilly Daphne Du Maurier's Manderly
Menabilly Daphne Du Maurier's Manderley In Cornwall
Manderley was based on a house called Menabilly where Du Maurier lived from 1943 to 1969. Unfortunately the house is on a private estate, so no admittance to the public and can't be seen from the coast or from the road. Only the gatehouse of Menabilly ... Read more

Polkerris The Fortified Pool Cornwall
Polkerris means in the Cornish language 'fortified pool'. The village has an excellent old world pub and restaurant, the Rashleigh Inn right on the beach. Great place to sit and watch the sun go down in summer while nursing a pint of beer ... Read more

Keeping The Devil Away At Veryan Cornwall
On entering the village the first thing of note are the round houses or cottages - there are five in total. These thatched cottages were built in about 1810 by the local vicar, a Parson Trist, for the use of local labourers ... Read more

The Mystery Of Jesus Visiting Cornwall In England
The legend is that his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, brought Jesus ashore here. The church is a very special place in a wonderful waterside, almost semi-tropical setting and it has a great feeling of peace and tranquility ... Read more

The Mystery Of The Cornish Roche Rock And Hermitage
As the shadows fall on Roche Rock, and it's tiny chapel, the wind howls over the heathland. It's not a place for the faint hearted. The ghost of an old tin miner casts his shadow with no earthly presence to be seen ... Read more

Roche Rock Cornwall
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  1. It looks like a fun place to explore.

    1. Yes, it's a great place, though has its dodgy bits just like everywhere else.

  2. These pieces and photos really give a great sense of where you live, Mike. They also stirred up my travel bug!

    1. I'm very anxious to get travelling - I feel I missed out last year.

  3. Love your Cornwall posts Mike. I'd missed a couple of these.