Tuesday, April 30

The Yellow Oregon Grape Looks For The Positive In Life

Oregon Grape or Mahonia aquifolium
A yellow Oregon Grape in my garden next to red Quince flowers
We've got a yellow flowering shrub, or bush in our garden that is full of colour this time of year. Yesterday someone was looking out into our garden and asked me what the flowers were called. I had no idea - I don't do Latin names and simply enjoy plants, rather than knowing much about them.

So here's the synchronicity or coincidence. I went over to Terri Patrick's Blog and what do I see? What looks to be the very same flowering bush and - being more knowledgeable than I - Terri has given a description: "Oregon Grape flower. Produces tiny blue berries, not for humans."

Oregon Grape flower
Photo from Terri Patrick's Blog
So now I know and was able to search Oregon Grape on Google. It's Latin name is Mahonia aquifolium, which I will immediately forget on principle. Interesting though was the plant was designated the USA Oregon state flower in 1899 and it's sometimes known as a holly-leaved barberry.

On the The Ananda Apothecary website I discovered that, "Through Oregon Grape the soul learns to break the basic pattern of mistrust. It realizes that it can look instead for the positive intentions of others, and create situations which generate good will and loving inclusion."

Okay, perhaps that's the message from this synchronicity.

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  1. Oh my dear... you have the name of the plant I've been searching for... this is so strange. I know the Mahonia...but the Red Quince is the one I couldn't remember the name of. Thank you and now I'll have to write it in my yard log!

    I'm really so thrilled. Can't wait to go to the nursery. Now that's a message too. Thanks Mike.

  2. Hello, Mike,

    I have some Mahonia in my garden, too. The leaves are very prickly, but the flowers are so perfumed.

    Thank you for the meaning of these plants....
    Have a good sunny day, like in Brittany.

  3. When I first saw this photo, I thought how could this plant grow in England and in Oregon? I'd seen it, too, on Terri's blog! Love the esoteric meaning!

  4. Thanks so much for the soul meaning! I never thought to research this plant as it is very hardy and prolific here. I use it for holiday decorations in my home.

    I also loved seeing the Quince in your yard as we had one in my childhood home (in USA Cleveland, OH). My mom loved when it bloomed as the herald of spring, sometimes while there was still snow in the yard.

    This all made today lots more fun!

  5. Here's another yellow flower sync,Jake Kotze has just uploaded 'Yellow FloWer'
    (as in flow-er,go with the flow)
    A synchromystic montage of a pattern featuring Star Kirsten Dunst and flowers, yellow in particular.


    1. Actually 'Yellow FloWer' is about 3 years old,but Jake's been talking it up because it is Kirsten Dunst's birthday.Still a sync because I wasn't aware of it until he mentioned it today:-)