Thursday, May 9

Coincidence Of The Express Way To Give Birth

Kushinagar Express India
Kushinagar Express, India
Today's coincidence story is set in India.

Zubin Nisha and her husband Habibullah were aboard the Kushinagar Express travelling from Mumbai to Gonda where they live. The train chugged along, as they tend to do, and Zubin went into labour - yes, she knew she was pregnant so maybe not completely unexpected.

A space was cleared in the carriage and women passengers came to Zubin's aid. Meanwhile railway staff alerted a medical team stationed at Lucknow. But things didn't go exactly to plan and Zubin gave birth on the train to twin boys.

Fortunately all was well with the babies and the couple were able to get off the train at Lucknow from where they were transported to the local Queen Mary Hospital.

So a happy result for all concerned. proud father Habibullah said, "I am very thankful to Allah and my fellow passengers who helped me a lot."

So what's the coincidence, you may be wondering. Well, Zubin's previous children, another set of twins, were also born on a moving train.

Habibullah told Zee News, "Well, indeed this is some sort of a record, but what can I say. I can call this a rare blessing of God almighty that my kids come into this world in such a manner."

But, it seems births on trains aren't a rarity. I read on the Mirror website of how:

"Stunned passengers helped a young mum give birth on a packed commuter train last night.

Sonia Banks, 22, went into labour a week early on the 6.18pm from London to Ashford, Kent [England].

Driver Rob Friend, alerted that she was having contractions, halted the train at 7.15 and appealed for medical staff over the Tannoy.

A midwife and an off-duty nurse helped delivered 6lb 13oz Phoebe at around 7.30 amid cheers from fellow passengers.

Sonia – on the train with partner Allan Stanley, 22, and his mum Mari-Anne – said today: "It’s all a blur."

And there's more! The following is from the China Daily News :

"Mrs. Li lies next to her newborn baby, as the mother and baby girl are under intensive medical care and observation in the obstetrics and gynaecology department of the People's Hospital of Handan City, north China's Hebei Province. The pregnant passenger Mrs. Li who travelled on the K186 train suddenly came up with vehement symptoms of parturition in early 7 am as the train passed by Handan Railway Station. The railway and medical staffs responded in time to help her give birth to a girl infant on the platform of the station safe and sound"

I suppose people often describe life as being a journey, don't they!

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  1. After reading that, if I was expecting I wouldn't dare go on a train! The thought gives me the shivers.

    1. I guess there are better places to have a baby and without onlookers.

  2. Love the stories, but I'm with Suzie. If I were expecting, I sure wouldn't go on a train!

    1. One of the last places to have a baby I'd think.