Thursday, June 20

The Duplicated Name And Date Coincidence

Sunset in Devon
Sunset in Devon
This is a personal coincidence which I first published on this blog over 3 years ago. As probably not too many would have read the post back then, here it is again. It's only a short story but I remember that I thought it was quite remarkable at the time.

So, here goes:

Karin and I like to take many breaks throughout the year abroad and in England. This one happened in Devon and is quickly explained.

We had booked a chalet near the sea for a week but when we arrived we were shown to a house instead, which was much better and larger than expected. So a good start to the break!

As usual we moved our luggage into the house and, after unpacking, looked about.

In England all electrical equipment, in rented holiday accommodation, has to have a sticker on it stating when the item was checked, who by and when the next check is required.

I noticed the sticker on the side of the television. It had been checked by 'Mike Perry' - which just happens to be my name. That was a big coincidence in itself but there is more!

The date when it had to next be checked was July 23rd - which also happens to be my birthday.

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  1. I'll bet that you never thought that you would see your name and birth-date on the TV ever,so it must have come as a bit of a shock to you.-)

    1. And today is my son Kevin's birthday,while on the subject.

      And look who Rich Martini told me he ran into in his post today -