Saturday, July 27

Synchronicities In Action

Aine Belton

A simple illustration of Synchronicities In Action from Aine Belton - in under four minutes.

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  1. I went to You Tube to find out more about this lady and found out this You Tube was published on my birthday last year -

    " Published on Sep 23, 2012

    An impromptu video to document synchronicities as they unfold and explore where they lead as part of a 'synchronicity journal'. These synchronicities actually led to a trip to Mexico, including being at Chichen Itza for the end of the Mayan Calendar, Dec 21st 2012,
    (I later understood this was the main reason for the synchronisties nudging me to Mexico). "

    What are the odds ?
    (about 365.242 to one to be exact,accept for a leap year,that is)

  2. Actually,I just got word today (via e-mail)
    that Peter Gabriel
    (the singer who's song started me on the road to synchronicity) is releasing his new album on
    September 23rd,my birthday.
    Unfortunately the song 'Digging in the Dirt'
    isn't on it :-(


    I forgot to put this link to Peter's site in the above comment.

    1. Wasn't about yesterday: thanks for the comments. So, no dishing (or even digging) the dirt on your birthday - pity! Nice synchros though.

  4. Great video. She explains everything well! I was going to do what daz did - check her out. So, thanks, Daz! And those are interesting synchros you had...And Gabriel? No digging in the dirt? How could he....:)

    1. I cam across Aine by 'chance' when looking for something completely different.

  5. Not to sound like a simpleton, but I'm wanting a nudge to a nearby beach. Of course I'm invited to attend a girls' vacation around Sept. 23rd. Yipes! Didn't think about that until I just typed it. :/