21 September, 2013

Nudity At Airport Security

New Airport Security Checks

A bit of a moan. I love airports and travelling but I dislike all of the over the top security - supposedly for our own good - terrorists and the like. Thank you Messrs Bush and Blair - huh!

I just knew I'd set the alarm bell ringing - even though I'd taken off my belt and put all coins and keys in the x-ray tray. Karin walked through okay then, as I expected, the bell rang as I walked through.

This meant two security officers had to swing into action. The first, a woman, instructed me to remove my shoes. The second, a man, did the frisking bit.

So I'm left standing there, no shoes, no belt, being frisked while the other travellers are all looking and probably sniggering to themselves. Needless to say I was 'clean'.

One of the things that annoyed me most was the security officers attitude - no politeness, no smiles. You daren't joke yourself. If you do there's a chance you could well miss your flight.

We are no longer free people (if we ever were, of course).

And on the return flight from Mallorca I set the alarm off again!

This time the Spanish security officer, a woman, didn't seem too bothered - she didn't even want to frisk me. I thought I'd better not insist!

No idea why I set both alarms off, it's never happened previously. Karin joked (when out of sight of the security bods) that after my operation last year the surgeon must have left something metal inside me. That cheered me up no end!

The photo I got from Australian Blogs. I guess if we all had to strip off it would make going through airport security a bit more interesting.

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  1. Stripping off for airport security now that would be funny. Agree about security, I always feel like I'm guilty of something.

    1. Only problem is we don't all look that good ...

  2. The photo made me laugh! Airport security is a travesty. No shoes, no belts, no liquids, no this, no that. I can recall the days when getting on a plane was an adventure. Interesting that you set all the alarms in both directions of your trip!

    1. Air travel has changed so much - as you say it used to be an adventure and a pleasure. Now it seems to be all queues.

  3. I don't think I could bare it at that airport with all those naked people.-)

  4. you would just look like everyone else.

  5. I noted the majority of people in this picture are rather young, slim, even shapely, and hardly a good representation of travelers in security lines.

    1. True, so another idea that's not quite as good as it first appeared!