Friday, September 20

The Power Of Synchronicity In Mallorca

Hotel swimming pool Mallorca
Hotel where we stayed in Mallorca
On Tuesday I mentioned how health things improved while on our holiday in Mallorca, partly because of a complete blackout of news. But this also seemed to heighten other senses - in a small way.

For example, we thought of visiting a town a distance away from where we were based.  We were discussing this while walking along the promenade by the sea. I said something like, "Shall we go or not?" to Karin. At that very moment we passed a small restaurant and the first thing I heard was, "Don't."

They were actually playing the very old Elvis Presley song Don't. As regular readers may know I'm quite a fan of early Elvis music.

I took Elvis' advice and we didn't go, which was just as well. Later there was an almighty storm: thunder, lightening and torrential rain. Quite unusual for Mallorca at this time of year - but the next day it was back to sunshine.

So it's worth adhering to the signs!

Rain in Mallorca
The rain and storm we missed thanks to Elvis and Don't
Also other little things happened. I decided that I wanted another pillow at the hotel where we were staying. As I was thinking about this the maid (I dislike that word) knocked on the door and asked if she could make up our beds.

We sat on the balcony while she did whatever it was she had to do. As she finished she was about to say adiós, when out of the blue she asked if I'd like another pillow!

As these sort of things were popping up I tried to make something similar happen. We went off on an open topped, double decker bus along the coast. I thought how nice it would be, on the way back, to sit at the very front. That way there would be good views and perhaps some photo opportunities.

On the return journey there were a lot of people at the bus stop and Karin said, "I don't think we'll get a front seat." As we went upstairs it appeared she was right. Both of the double front seats were taken. One of them by a man sitting by himself. So we sat down in a mid positioned seat. Then, before the bus started it's journey, the man got up and for some reason transferred himself to another seat. I waited a moment or two, no one else moved, so we were able to have the very seat we wanted!

I won't bore you with lots more examples but there are definitely times, when the mood and circumstances are right, we can accomplish many things - with the help of the universe!

Okay, one more strange thing - sorry! On the outward flight to Mallorca we handed our luggage over and made our way to passports and the other checks. Karin then remembered she had a small pair of scissors in her cabin luggage - a complete no-no nowadays so she had to dispose of the scissors before we got to the x-ray and scanner thingies. She was a bit upset as they originally belonged to her mother and had sentimental value.

"Hope Oma doesn't mind," Karin said. (Karin was born in Germany and always called her mother Oma. It really means grandmother).

When we arrived in Mallorca we stopped at a café for coffee. With the coffee they gave us some biscuits.

Karin said, "You won't believe this, but they taste exactly the same as Oma used to make when I was little." A message, coincidence, synchronicity? Whatever, but it does make you wonder about life.

In The History and Power of Mind Richard Ingalese writes:

"If you can demonstrate a piece of carpet three feet long you can demonstrate a million dollars. If you can cure a headache you can cure in the course of time any disease; if you can demonstrate a seat in the street car you can demonstrate a seat in congress, in  time. If you can be happy a week you can be happy for a lifetime, because what you have done in a small degree can, with persistency, be done in a large degree."

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  1. That hotel pool looks inviting! Love the "small" coincidences. You and Karin lead a magical life.

    1. I'm sure it sounds more magical than the reality, but thanks.

  2. So the trip was synchronistically magical all the way around! These synchros are like connecting the dots. The quote from the book reminds me of the Abraham-Hicks material: it's as easy to manifest a button as it is to manifest a castle.

    1. What Abraham-Hicks writes is no doubt true but the bigger manifestations do take a lot more belief. Probably better to start small, build confidence, and gradually get bigger.