Tuesday, October 29

A Gander Leads To The Coincidence And Synchronicity Highway

Painting of a gander

While talking I often use the word 'gander' as in the dictionary definition 'to have a look or glance' at something.

As my broadband connection is down today - I have had lots of problems with it recently - I said to Karin that I would have a gander at some of my many books to see if I could find a theme for a blog post.

I picked up a book at random, The Power of Coincidence by David Richo, opened it at page 176 (76 being a significant number in my life) and read the following:

"A symbol in Hinduism is the gander, who represents liberation and spirituality. He swims in and skims over the water but is not bound to it like a fish. He flies between earth and heaven and so joins them together.

This is a metaphor for our ability to be set free from our bondage to the events of daily life.

Gander in Sanskrit is hamsa. Ham means 'I' and sa means 'this'; hence 'I am this.' Hamsa is also yogic sound - ham on the exhale, sa on the inhale. Thus the inner gander sings his name in every breath we take: 'I am not to be confused with the mortal person who has my name and accepts as real the separateness of all beings, the division of opposites, and the linear view of time. That individual is under the spell of endless projections and mental habits. I am breath, space, the all that is now only this.'"

That's a fair description of the spiritual side of coincidence or synchronicity - all is possible because we and everything else are linked together in time and space.

After reading the above I picked up a 1912 edition of a publication called The Odd Volume, opened it up and there he was - a grey gander! In a painting by someone called Stewart Orr (as at the top of this post). Oh, and included in the pic is a white feather! I often write about white feathers on this blog.


I thought that would be all when I next picked up the book about collectables and their price guides. But flicking through I spotted two geese manufactured by Royal Copenhagen. This brought me right back to an ornament (as below) that I have of  two similar geese - I'm presuming one is a gander. This originally belonged to my mother.

So everything fits together nicely! It's also interesting that The Power of Coincidence book is subtitled 'How Life Shows Us What We Need To Know'. So having a 'gander' at my books has got me thinking about my mother - you never know where synchronicity will lead!

While on the subject of synchronicity and coincidence my blogging friends Trish & Rob MacGregor have a new book, which is now ready to download: The Synchronicity Highway - Exploring Coincidence, the Paranormal & Alien Contact. They write:

"Once you’re on the synchronicity highway, you’re traveling through a realm that often seems as magical and strange as Alice’s Wonderland. You feel connected to something larger than yourself and your immediate world. Your perceptions change, you see and experience yourself and life differently. You become immersed in a mystery that often defies reason and logic."

The book can be downloaded from:
Amazon USA
Amazon UK

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  1. Glad I ducked by to take a gander at this post.-)

    1. Looking at my comment above,I just realised it was posted at 11:11 UK time
      (although it wasn't 11:11 in Australia).
      Now I am glad I ducked by again and took a gander at my previous comment.
      11:11 I always see as a good sign for me.

    2. How about that 11:11, glad you ducked by.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Mike! What a neat synchro this is. I now have a new new meaning for the word gander!

    1. Perhaps it's just us over here that use the word 'gander' in that sense. Sometimes I even say 'I'll have a goosie gander at that!'

  3. Mike, I'm working on a meditation book now and was writing about breathing exercises when Trish mentioned your blog post today. And what did I find, but more details about the breath and hamsa! Actually, I had referred to it as hum-so or SO on the inhalation, HUM on the exhalation. I'll look more into it now.

    1. I looked in the classic Yoga book by Ernest Wood and he mentions So'ham. He says in Sanskrit sah becomes o. The translation being 'Thou art That'.

      Wood also talks of hansa being a swan and not a gander.

  4. Having read this, Mike, I feel as if I've taken in a fresh breath of air... just what I needed. Seems I was supposed to be here and read this.
    That's a beautiful ceramic sculpture.

    1. Thanks Dixie - can't beat a good dose of fresh air! Best wishes to you.

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