Wednesday, October 16

Coincidence Of The Princess Diana Poster In Paris

Diana poster in Paris

Was it a coincidence that a poster for the movie Diana was placed on the Place de l’Alma, Paris at the entrance to the tunnel where Princess Diana was killed in a fatal accident in 1997? The 6x4 feet poster is also close to the Flame of Liberty (seen to the left of the photo above) which has been unofficially adopted as a monument to Diana.

Or maybe it was a publicity stunt in bad taste?

According to enquiries made by Deadline London: "JCDecaux, the advertising agency which placed the ads, tells me it received no phone calls or complaints, but that the posters were removed at the request of French distributor Le Pacte. A spokesperson at Le Pacte confirmed the posters were removed and explained that the exact locations of posters are not hand-picked when a campaign is laid out. Given there are several thousand Diana posters around Paris right now ... the Place de l’Alma positioning was 'a coincidence'."

So officially just one big coincidence.

The poster has now been removed.

Diana movie poster

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  1. One big coincidence? Hmmm.

  2. From the reviews of the movie,it looks like this movie needs all the publicity it can get.

    1. You are right - the reviews aren't too positive and the clips I've seen aren't realistic.