Friday, December 13

The Magic Ingredient That Brings Us Our Desires

Visualisation - the secret ingredient

Much has been written about visualisation and how this can bring about the things we desire into our lives. People have made a lot of money telling other people the 'secrets' of doing this. Showing people how to do stuff equates to big money, but I digress.

Visualisation or some would call it the Law of Mind, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Opulence and so on but, however you dress it up, there is only one magic ingredient needed - at least that's what I believe to be the case.

I don't normally quote the Bible but Jesus got it right! He said that when we ask God  for anything we must believe that we already have the thing we are asking for. For God you can substitute the word Universe or anything else you regard as the source of everything.

And the magic ingredient that brings about our desires? We have to accept the thing we desire before we can experience it.

I was thinking along these lines and decided to put the library angel to work, so went to my many books and chose one at random. I opened up the Practical Application Of Science Of Mind and this is what I read:

"... for unless we accept it we are rejecting it; and if we are rejecting it we are not believing that we have it; and while we believe that we do not have it the Law cannot make a gift.

Hence, we are told to believe that we already possess the object of our desire, and so should make known our request with thanksgiving. A little thought given to this idea will demonstrate that there is no other way prayer could be answered, there is no way a demonstration could be made.

... we draw this one and inevitable conclusion: When a spiritual mind treatment is given it must incorporate an affirmative acceptance of the fulfilment of the desired good; it must state that we already have that good.

So there we have it - easy! But it's not of course. It's easier said than done and that's why it's best to start small with our demands and desires and gradually build up to bigger and bigger things. Pretty much the same as if we wanted to build our muscles to lift heavy weights. It has to be done gradually to build confidence and strength.

Confidence + strength = belief.

All things are possible: happiness, love, money, peace of mind ... if we can believe that we already have happiness, love, money, peace of mind and so on.

Oh, and conversely if we believe we already have sadness, hate, poverty, sickness then ... well you get the picture.

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  1. Great post, Mike. And pertinent for me, since we are hoping to hear soon about a project (the brooklyn synchros!). Thank you for the reminder - okay the project just came through!

  2. I think the blog angel came into play for me here. I've working on a meditation book called The Jewel Within the Lotus: Directed Meditations for Everyday Life, and I was just finishing a chapter on visualization and looking for an ending. The concept of accepting what you want and acting as if you already have it, works well. Thanks, Mike! Rob

    1. No problem! Amazing what you can do without trying.