Tuesday, December 31

The Tarot Magician And Synchronicity

The Magician Tarot Card and meaning

An old work colleague, Ian, who now lives in Manly, Australia sent me this Christmas Card through the post. I presumed it was something he had designed himself as his signature is on the picture,

I recognised The Magician as being from the Tarot so did a search to find out what it signifies. The website I picked out of the Google list was Psychic Revelation. The following is their general interpretation for the card, bearing in mind that this blog often publishes coincidence and synchronicity stories:

"You may notice many synchronicities, which point towards deep, spiritual events taking place regardless of the 'importance' of their superficial appearances. You should be finding that you have the knowledge, strength, and inspiration needed to meet your challenges. In general this is a very positive time for you."

And then I thought I'd see if any other interpretations also mentioned synchronicity. My next stop, purely by 'chance' was at learntarot.com and look at the picture they had for The Magician!


Bit of a coincidence!? Funny old world.

I have previously mentioned Ian in my post Gratitude The Sacred Secret And The Law Of Attraction

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  1. Re: "Bit of a coincidence!? Funny old world."

    You say Ian, who now lives in Manly, Australia and being a Cronulla-Sutherland fan myself it makes me think of the great revilery between these two NRL clubs.
    My team had two chances of winning a grand final in their history in the NRL both against,and losing to Manly.
    The funny thing is Manly is a beach suburb of Sydney on the north shore (above) and Cronulla-Sutherland is a shire on the southern shores of Sydney (below).
    As above,so below.
    Not only that,but Manly's totem/mascot is a Sea-eagle (above) and Cronulla's is a shark (below).
    As above,so below.
    On the Magican card one hand points up and one hand points down.
    My team has tasted little joy since entering the NRL back in 1967.
    Maybe this year we will ?-)

    1. A good interpretation Darren. (Must admit I didn't know where Manly was.) Hope your team does well, especially as they haven't had much joy since 67 ...

  2. Great definition for the magician card! Happy new year, Mike and Daz!

    1. Thanks Trish - to you, Rob and Megan too. Happy New Year. Of course, Darren is already in 2014!

  3. I have had multiple synchronicities related to this card without even really know it's significance. I'm glad to hear someone is on the same wavelength as me.

  4. Great Image !
    Did you find out if it was, in Fact: Original ?
    I'd love to see the whole set illustrated with This sensibility:
    the majority of flash~card illustrators are a bit naif & self~important, IMO

    Two Thoughts Occur:
    "synchronicity" is a bad word choice.
    It's very mechanistic and Platonic.
    Try "Serendipity" as an Operative descriptive;

    It's warmer, friendlier, perhaps even romantic, and (IMHO) more accurate:
    more towards organic wholism and 'Hagia Sophia' than the deterministic 'fist of karma' word : "synchronicity". { Well, IMO~>FWIW~>YMMV }