Thursday, March 20

The Aston Martin Coincidence Or Synchronicity

Red Aston Martin

Simon, who lives five houses along from us, had a synchronistic moment. Nothing dramatic but enough for him to tell others.

He's interested in cars and was looking through the local paper at the cars for sale. He spotted an Aston Martin which interested him, so he circled the advert with a pen.

Aston Martin jacket badge
At this point I should mention that Simon owns an Aston Martin jacket, and seeing the car advertised he thought he'd better search it out soon from his wardrobe.

Okay, the scene is set.

The next day he needs petrol for his own car and drives to the local garage to fill up. He pulls up at the pumps and sees straight away that the car in front of him is an Aston Martin - exactly as described in the local paper.

"What a coincidence," he no doubt thought. But then the driver got out of the car and what was he wearing? You've guessed right, an Aston Martin jacket exactly like his! A double coincidence.

Simon being the friendly sort told the driver about the synchro of having seen the car advertised and the fact that he also had the very same jacket.

They chatted a while and the driver told him that he managed to get his jacket in London for a knock down price of £125. This pleased Simon because he bought his jacket locally in Cornwall from a well known discount retailer, Trago Mills, and his jacket only cost £25 - bargain!

What this all means, I've no idea. Perhaps a sign that Simon's next car should be an Aston Martin - at a knock down price of course!

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  1. nice car and nice coincidence would be gd to have a aston martin

  2. Good one! It sure sounds as though his next car will be an aston martin - at a bargain price!