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Discovering Old Cornwall - 2

Charlestown, Cornwall on a sunshine day
This is where I compare very old photos of Cornwall with how it looks now. Today I'm in Charlestown on an overcast day. The picture above shows how it looks in the summer, normally with several old sailing ships in the harbour. It's an interesting place to visit.

Back in 1880 it looked as the photo below. This is, of course, taken from a different direction to the one above.

Charlestown, Cornwall circa 1880
I was able to find where the above photo was taken and took a similar view. Not too much has changed, though the small harbour was empty because of some maintenance work going on. You can still see the same row of houses in the background, now painted mostly white. They were built in the 1790s.

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Charlestown, Cornwall 2014
I then tried to compare the picture below, taken circa 1900, but was a little disappointed with the result.

Charlestown circa 1900
With my photo below the harbour is empty, with nothing going on - because of that maintenance work I mentioned. Not a boat in sight. I couldn't get to the exact place to take the picture because of temporary restrictions - but it's not too different as you can see by the rocks and cliffs in the background.

Charlestown 2014
By the time Easter is with us in Cornwall, Charlestown will come alive again with colour, boats, sailing ships and tourists visiting the quaint shops, pubs, restaurants, craft outlets and museum - see photos in my posts Sunshine Brings Out The Magic Of Charlestown Cornwall and also The Magical Charlestown Old Cornish Sailing Ships.

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  1. Great post! I enjoy these Cornwall journeys and insights!