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The Secret Holy Well Of Menacuddle, Cornwall And The Druid's Chair

Old picture of Menacuddle Well

Where I live in Cornwall, it's a land of legends, saints, holy wells and other mysteries. I came across the picture above and remembered that I hadn't visited Menacuddle for ages.

It's a place that is not on the main tourist route so it's virtually unknown to most visitors to the area.

The Well Chapel is a housing for a Holy Well and dates back to the 15th Century - though no doubt the healing powers of the water were known long before the small chapel was ever built.

The Well isn't sign posted but if going by car take the Bodmin Road from St.Austell town. It's only  a few minutes drive but is hidden away secretly. Look out for the Elderly People road sign (see below) and the track is on the left just after this. Go slow, it's easy to drive past. Follow the track and there is a place to park a couple of cars. In saying that I have never seen anyone else at the well whenever I have made a visit.

Elderly People road sign near Menacuddle Holy Well

On the right is a river with a waterfall. The water is often a milky white colour, especially after rain, when it is coloured by the local china clay.

Menacuddle, St Austell, Cornwall

A little further and the Druid's Chair rock will be seen. It's quite comfortable - for a rock, that is!

Druid's Chair, Menacuddle, Cornwall

Across the river can be seen the Holy Well Chapel. The river looked quite white on my visit today.

Holy Well, Menacuddle, St Austell, Cornwall

A little further along the river is a small bridge so that you can walk back to visit the Holy Well.

A Gothic archway leads inside and to the clear water of the spring. The building itself, other than the roof, is made of local granite.

The Menacuddle Holy Well Chapel, St Austell, Cornwall

It's quite dark and damp inside.

Window in the Holy Well Chapel, Menacuddle

There is a local tale which suggests that visitors should drop a 'crooked pin' into the spring waters to ensure good fortune. It is said that on doing so this will cause pins thrown in by other pilgrims will rise to the top.

In saying this today's visitors tend to prefer to light a small candle and leave this to burn in one of the recesses. And you might even see a strange animal lurking as well!

Inside Holy Well Chapel, Menacuddle, Cornwall

The Holy spring water was once held in high regard for its curative powers. Sick children were regularly bathed here, and the Victorians  recommend the drinking of its salubrious fluid. It was also used to treat ulcers. Personally I just dabbed my face with the clear water and made a 'good health' wish.

Being a damp area the roof and walls of the chapel are covered with moss and lichen ...

Outside walls of Holy Chapel, Menacuddle, Cornwall

... as are the stone walls nearby.

Cornish stone walls covered with moss

There it is, the secret Holy Well of Menacuddle. The pilgrimage worked wonders for me!

Photos: © Mike Perry

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  1. Suzie17:10

    Looks a magic place to visit. I must get to Cornwall again soon. Lovely photos as usual.

  2. thnks for you know what. great pics mike could do with some holy water. like suzie said it looks v magical place

  3. Love the Cornwall tours! This place seems very mysterious!

    1. I liked it because no one else was about, so could take it all in properly.

  4. Interesting story Mike.

  5. Mystical and magical

  6. How lovely. Thank you for this enchanting story. I hope I can see it someday. ♡

  7. There now ... worth a visit 😁 ..
    Staying at the waterwheel hotel. It has beautiful gardens which connect to the path to the well.

    1. Hope you enjoy the visit and nearby beaches and walks.