Tuesday, April 8

Three Dazzlingly Bright Figures As Proof Of Survival After Death

Three ghosts

A ghostly experience today by the writer Santa Montefiore.

Santa Montefiore
Santa Montefiore
"Not long ago, Miguel, a dear Argentine friend of mine, died in Buenos Aires of a brain tumour. The night I received the news, I decided to meditate - not with the intention of contacting him, but because I was sad I wanted to go somewhere peaceful. I went very deep and far away.

Suddenly, standing in front of me, dazzlingly bright, were three figures. The first was Natalie, Miguel’s first cousin, who had been killed in a canoeing accident 20 years before. The second was Miguel, and the third I knew to be his father - even though I had never met him.

The three of them were golden, smiling and radiating love. I held them there for a long time, savouring the sight of these dear friends, absorbing the feeling of joy they were communicating. Then, in my head, I told Miguel that I wanted to share what I was seeing with his mother - that he was happy, and safe, and with people he loved.

He laughed and said, quite clearly: 'She already knows.' The next morning, I decided to make some calls to see if I could make sense of it all. I called my godfather, who’d spoken to Miguel’s mother the day her son died. He told me: 'She said that she was happy to know that Miguel was now in spirit with Natalie and his father.'

I believe the three of them came through to me to confirm her belief. That message was for her. Nowadays, I often see spirits - at night and when I meditate. I no longer find them frightening: I find it reassuring to know that we survive death."

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  1. Fascinating story. It's interesting that she saw the three of them, not just Miguel.

  2. Anonymous20:18

    self-suggestion? She seemed to know all 3 were dead. Would have been surprising if, before meditating, she had not known for example that natalie was Miguel's cousin and had died years earlier