Friday, May 9

A Reckless Doggy Smile Coincidence

Coincidence dog story
A Reckless Smile - Photo: Monmouth County SPCA
Do you think that Reckless, the dog in the photo above, has a smile on his face? He should have, as he has been reunited with the family he hasn't seen for almost two years.

Reckless went missing when Hurricane Sandy battered the east coast of America in 2012. His family, Chuck and Elicia James, were distraught. Finally they accepted that their dog was gone for good so they headed for the Monmouth County SPCA in Eatontown, New Jersey to adopt another dog to replace Reckless.

Chuck & Elicia James
In a weird coincidence the first dog shown to Chuck and Elicia, at the shelter for homeless animals, was no other than Reckless! The dog had been taken in by the shelter but they had been unable to find a new 'owner' for him. He had been renamed as Lucas but staff say it was as if he was waiting for someone in particular.

Needless to say the couple were delighted to be reunited with their beloved pet - so much so Reckless appeared to crack a smile for the photo.

Liz Wise, who works at the shelter, said: ‘It’s a wonderful, amazing story, and we’re so glad that they have been reunited.’

P.S. Of course if Reckless had been micro-chipped they would all have been re-uinited much earlier.

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  1. Suzie09:48

    Ah, and they all lived happily ever after. I like good news stories.

    1. It's better than the doom and gloom of the national press, that's for sure.

  2. Wonderful story with a happy ending! I especially like the dog's name!