Friday, August 15

Memories Rekindled And Batteries Recharged In Dorset

Bournemouth, Dorset
Bournemouth Dorset
We had a few days away staying with friends in Dorset. This kindled some memories as we lived in the area before moving to Cornwall.

The weather was somewhat changeable but we seemed to dodge the showers and visited several places we knew. The photo above is Bournemouth, showing some of the beach and the pier. From there we walked to the Russell-Cotes art galley and museum.

Russell-Cotes art gallery and museum, Bournemouth
Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum
There were many magnificent paintings on show including Anno Domini by Edwin Long. When the picture was first exhibited in London, in 1883, it caused a sensation. People queued around the block to see the gigantic painting which shows the Holy Family arriving in Egypt. It is also known as The Flight To Egypt.

Anno Domini by Edwin Long
Anno Domini or The Flight To Egypt
The Sea Maidens by Evelyn De Morgan was part of a special exhibition: The Morgans and the Sea.

The story behind the painting is that The Little Sea Maid is distraught when the Prince declares he does not love her,

Her five older sisters, shown in the picture, sell their abundant hair to the Sea Witch in exchange for a knife. The Little Sea Maid can then kill her unrequited love, the Prince, and return to mermaid form. Instead the Sea Maid drowns herself rather than kill the man she loves.

In the painting the sisters' cold eyes and inexpressive faces allude to their lack of an immortal soul. So there you go!

The Sea Maidens
We also went into Poole where we had a trip on a boat from the harbour - the second largest natural harbour in the world - to the small town of Wareham.

Poole harbour
Poole Quay Dorset
In the harbour we passed Brownsea Island which is where the Boy Scout movement was first started by Baden-Powell.

Poole Harbour Brownsea Island
Poole Harbour passing Brownsea Island
Leaving the harbour the boat sailed up the River Frome ...

River Frome, Wareham Dorset
River Frome
... to Wareham and the sun came out!

Wareham Church Dorset
Wareham Dorset
And then it was back to Poole.

Customs House Poole Quay
Pool Quay - Old Customs House
Another day we walked along the River Stour at Wimborne.

River Stour Wimborne
River Stour
A lovely few days - batteries recharged!

Photos: © Mike Perry - Click on any photo to make bigger

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  1. Looks like a great trip. The photos really provide a sense of place!

    1. Thanks - and not a synchro anywhere!

  2. nice pics mike. looks as if you had a gd time

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